10 Best Free Task Management Software in 2023

Managing tasks is synonymous with managing people

While workspaces have moved from on-site to hybrid models, the need for effective team collaborations has skyrocketed. Here’s when technology fits in. You need software solutions to make communication easy and effective. 47% of project managers state that they’re expected to deliver more value with a limited timeline and budget. 

So if you’re a small remote team or a big business with thousands of employees, this article will benefit both. The article enlists the ten best free task management software you can use to improve the productivity of your business and boost employee performance. 

Let’s dive right in. 

What is task management? 

Task management is managing and monitoring a task throughout its life cycle. From planning and testing to tracking and reporting, task management helps improve an individual or employee’s productivity in achieving their goals. Moreover, it also improves the collaborative effort of a team in accomplishing collective goals. 

While you certainly can manage a task by making a to-do list on pen and paper, digitalizing it makes more sense, especially if you’re a business. Many remote collaboration tools help foster communication and effectiveness of task management when your team is working remotely. However, it is advisable to go for a task management tool. To know why, read on. 

Why use a task management tool? 

Task management software offers many benefits to your company. We’ve listed a few of them below. 

  • It is a digital tool that helps managers manage their teams, and organize, assign and track tasks of all sizes. 
  • It helps your team complete projects more efficiently by organizing and prioritizing tasks.
  • You can use these apps on mobile phones as well. 
  • It gives you real-time insights that aid decision-making and enhance collaboration. 
  • It saves time by streamlining and automating recurring tasks. 
  • It lets you communicate with the respected team member with a click. 
  • You can monitor the employee’s work progress, manage due dates and know what exactly is happening even when the employee isn’t working from the office. 

Hence, free task management software is necessary to boost a business’s productivity. Now, let’s take a look at some free task management software.   

10 Best Free Task Management Software


No doubt that if an agency owner or a team member needs task management software just to tidy up things going around, I would definitely recommend Productive. It is a perfectly suited task management software for agencies of all shapes and sizes. It allows you to control your budget for each project or client, deliver projects faster and simplify your billing.


Productive is also used by software developers, designers, consultants and in house teams as well for;

  • Budgeting to get access to all your budgets from one place
  • Reporting to create or personalize your reports and even choose from pre-built templates that suit you best
  • Time tracking to get more accurate data to run a highly profitable agency
  • Billing to get rid of the hours spent on invoicing
  • Resource planning to see the future
  • Project management to streamline project delivery

By using Productive, you can say goodbye to unlimited spreadsheets and rushing between multiple platforms just to manage your tasks. It allows you to collaborate with your clients or project owners to speed up the giving of updates and feedback. So, no one misses any updates, comments or reactions on the project!

Key Features of Productive

  • Streamlines processes with project templates
  • Estimates tasks and track their progress
  • Keeps everyone in the loop
  • Gets tasks updated by the mobile app
  • Schedules teammates to make time tracking easier
  • Books upcoming calls with placeholders
  • Keeps operational data in one secure place

You can unlock more advanced features by upgrading your free trial to one of the paid options at any time.

Monday is an easy task manager for your team. Any business can use this free task management software to get started. The tools enable you to set deadlines, set statuses, view them for each project, and have multiple boards. You can even assign jobs to different workers and monitor the status of each assigned task. 


It lets you split boards into track deadlines and categories, set copy and priorities and pasteboards. With the free version of this tool, you get a 14-day trial post which you need to go for the paid version. This is not true for students or nonprofit organizations. In that case, you can use the software for free by just filling out the required forms. 

Key features of 

  • Provides countless visual boards 
  • Allows you to work on tasks or project real-time with your teammates
  • Offers dozens of ready-to-use templates to make the management process easier
  • Provides document viewing and sharing features


Get more done with ClickUp’s advanced task management features! The free task management software allows you to plan, track and manage any type of work from start to finish. When you start a project things may seem complicated but if you can plan or visualize the task or project by using ClickUp, it will bring fresh air to the process and smoothen each step. Being able to brainstorm with your teammates can even make task management simpler at ClickUp. You can edit or draft documents in real time and update everyone on the team by notifications.

Source: ClickUp

Key Features of ClickUp

  • Offers multiple views
  • Has infinite customization opportunities according to your workflow, personal preferences, business model, etc.
  • Improves cross-departmental and client communication
  • Provides comprehensive real time reporting
  • Helps manage your team better
  • Offers multiple integrations with other platforms
  • Offers dozens of pre-built templates
  • Provides world class 24/7 super friendly customer support


It is safe to say that Connecteam is a comprehensive software that offers small businesses all tools they need to manage everyday operations, HR matters, communication, etc., regardless of employees working from anywhere. It allows you to create tasks quickly, add sub-tasks, and images, assign deadlines, etc. The employees get an instant notification, and you also get to see which employee reads the task. 

Source: Connecteam

The free task management software allows sending and receiving push notifications in real time. You can send push-reminder notifications, giving you a clear overview of all the tasks on the dashboard. With the help of advanced search filters, you can look for an employee, the due date of tasks, completion status, and an overall 360-degree view of where tasks are at a given moment. 

The tool also makes it simple to discuss any topic or queries you may have with your teams. Everything gets logged into the tool through the built-in chat, which can be reviewed anytime later. The software also has recurring tasks and checklists you use every day that can be copied and pasted without you recreating them each time. 

This free task management software’s life-long free plan enables usage for up to 10 users.

Key Features of Connecteam

  • It lets you create custom checklists and digital forms 
  • Enables you to track real-time performance 
  • Offers GPS timestamp options and e-signatures
  • Task automation options 
  • Enables task-specific communication 
  • Offers checklists, recurring tasks, and forms management 

You can avail yourself of a free plan for your team before upgrading to unlimited storage for a few dollars a month. The free version has all the features. After using them, you can decide whether you want to upgrade to unlimited storage. is a free task management software that aims to help you manage your life with features including a calendar, tasks, to-do lists, reminders and a tasks assistant.


With this free task manager, you can organize your tasks into lists and projects, prioritize and categorize them with color tags, set due dates, and add notes, subtasks, and attachments. You can share lists and assign tasks. It allows you to keep track of your progress and set one-time, recurring and location based reminders.

The paid plan includes more advanced features, including advanced recurring reminders, customized themes, and an unlimited daily planner.

Key Features of

  • It has a to-do list 
  • Offers a daily planner 
  • Has a calendar 


Trello is not just task management software. It aims to provide its users with a shared perspective on projects and organize and prioritize them. The tool’s task manager lets you create customizable to-do lists and workflows. You can create tasks, and assign them to team members and each task status is also shared with the team member. You can even automate tasks, assign them to team members, set deadlines and also add powerup to boost your focus on a single goal

Source: Trello

The free plan of this tool is best suited for businesses with small teams or a set of individuals. 

Key Features of Trello 

  • Allows you to view and set a timeline of tasks
  • Provides ready-to-use templates
  • Offers third-party seamless integration options
  • Automates your tasks or workflows without coding 


This is a free task management software with a built-in task manager. It’s an all-in-one collaboration platform that enables you to turn any message into a task. You can assign these tasks to any team member, and filter them by dates, status and assigned members. Moreover, it lets you discuss any task in a related flow with the associated team members. 

The tool offers Kanban boards to view and manage all tasks from a single place. From setting a due date to a task to assigning a person and priority to a task, the tool lets you do everything.

Key Features of Chanty

  • Lets you present and manage tasks on a Kanban board
  • Assigns tasks priority-wise to team members
  • Enables setting due dates and priority


A task management tool’s purpose is eventually to boost the businesses’ productivity, employee engagement and satisfaction. Taskworld, a free task management software, is loaded with features that make it easy for you to scale your company’s execution. With this tool, you can assign tasks and track work using visual boards, monitor the time spent on projects and view performance reports in a project timeline. 

Source: Taskworld

Team messaging and file management are some add-on features of this tool. The software is free, and it includes unlimited projects and tasks and about 1GB of storage. However, the plan is limited to only five users. 

Key features of Taskworld

  • Provides efficient project management 
  • Offers time tracking 
  • Allows you to create detailed performance reports 
  • Monitors project timeline 


HeySpace is a free task management software especially beneficial for teams working remotely. The tool has features including chat, calendar, boards and timeline features. You can create task lists, assign sub-tasks and even set project start and end dates, make recurring tasks, and assign them to team members. 

The primary feature of this tool is that it enables you to create and schedule task lists to manage your work smoothly. Moreover, you can filter, sort and search for specific tasks to monitor the progress of each one. The free version of this software has limited features and is only available for teams with up to five users. However, the paid version has advanced features.

Key features of HeySpace

  • Creates and schedules recurring tasks 
  • Assigns tags 
  • Gets task estimates 
  • Provides video calling 
  • Monitors and updates task deadlines


If you’re looking for a cloud-based task management software that helps teams manage projects of all sizes and types efficiently, Asana should be your go-to tool. With this tool, you can assign tasks to the team members and set deadlines for each task. The team members can view the priority jobs along with their deadlines. 

Source: Asana

The tool helps you manage and assign tasks effectively and helps your team members know what they need to accomplish. The calendar view enables you to see and schedule the jobs. As an admin, you track each task’s state and also visualize it when needed. The free plan allows up to 15 members to use the tool. 

Key features of Asana 

  • Gives an overview of the project 
  • Offers easy reporting 
  • Offers calendar view 

The tool is easy to use as it has a straightforward User Interface. The plan starts from 10.99/month per user; however, a free trial is available. 

In Conclusion 

While the article enlists ten free task management tools for you to try, choosing the one that suits your requirements entirely lies upon you. Thoroughly know your existing management in place, the loopholes you face every day, and which tool will help you fill those gaps. 

Whether you’re a small business owner, a giant business chain, or a solopreneur, a task management tool is a sure-shot way to level up the team’s productivity and smoothen any glitches coming in the way of working efficiently. Many task management tools have paid versions with advanced features.

However, it’s best to try a free tool before upgrading to a paid version.