Nina Pearl

Nina Pearl is a content strategist and social media specialist for SLT Consulting and has been a part of our collective for nearly a year, helping to bring to life our client’s brands and stories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. After spending two years as a medical technician assisting an ophthalmologist, she was inspired to pursue a degree in Microbiology. She earned a BS in Microbiology from Humboldt State University, where she became well-versed in DNA extraction, genetic transformation, PCR, and cell culture. She conducted research on the NPC2 gene under the direction of Dr. John Steele, using mapped sequences to design sgRNA and primer sets for CRISPER-CAS9 system that would be used on DNA collected from patients with Neimann-Pick disease type C, and also researched autophagy pathways in HEK293 cells, conducting a wide variety of gene knock-out experiments. She worked for Genotox Labs in Austin, TX before pivoting to marketing in an effort to marry her scientific and creative inclinations. Nina is also a podcast producer, trumpet player and has a daily meditation practice. Nina’s diverse educational and professional background is a testament to her insatiable curiosity, and she is able to apply a wide variety of skill sets to meet your marketing objectives.