Mary Walton

Mary Walton is a professional editor from Santa Monica. She writes at her educational blog Simple Grad. Also, Mary helps with content proofreading and provides tutoring services.

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

The Best Twitter Marketing Strategies To Use In 2019

The world of marketing is a very dynamic field where marketers constantly fight for a bigger “piece of the pie.” It’s no surprise that as the usage of social media in every aspect of our lives grows, marketing through those platforms is becoming more important and influential. New marketing tools and techniques are persistently emerging, …

BLOG | Content Marketing

7 Best Content Editing And Proofreading Tools

Here’s seven content editing tools to aid content generation, editing and proofreading efforts of content creators. Writing good content is an art unto itself. It’s not good enough to throw together a blog and put it up online, you have to craft it so that it’s informative, engaging, and encourages your readers to come back …