Lesley Marchant

Lesley is a writer and editor who has written for industries like eCommerce, travel, publishing and digital marketing. A lover of language and storyteller at heart, she enjoys using compelling narratives that engage her readers, no matter the subject.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How to Build a Business Growth Strategy

Building a business growth strategy takes more than crafting a vision for your company and planning the execution. It actually begins with determining gaps in your current marketing efforts and establishing your own unique business goals that close those gaps. After the business assessment, you need to research your competitors and your entire industry. First, …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Top 5 Industries Most Affected by Online Reviews

Online review statistics show that online reputation management for …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How Videos Can Increase Your Conversion Rate

Is your high-quality video content on your website driving traffic but not conversions? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone – this is a problem many marketers and business owners face. Traffic acquisition isn’t profitable unless you can convert these new site visitors into paying customers. With the pandemic forcing the majority of companies …


How Amazon SEO Boosts Your Sales

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest and fastest online retailers. In a single day, Amazon ships up to 1.6 million packages. Many brands sell their products on the Amazon website, making it among the largest eCommerce retailers.  Millions of sellers are on Amazon, and the ultimate goal for any buyer is to purchase a …

BLOG | Mobile Marketing

Mobile-First Indexing Best Practices to Implement Before 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) is in for a shake-up in 2021. Google’s mobile-first indexing update, scheduled for March 2021, will remove all desktop-only sites – and images or assets in a desktop-only site – from Google’s index entirely. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets, Google will only use the mobile version of the …

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