Elliott King

Elliott King is the co-founder and CEO of award-winning international digital agency, MintTwist with HQ in London, UK. A digital marketing strategy advisor and trainer for clients, and the author of digital marking strategy courses that deliver for marketers, managers and entrepreneurs within partner organisations.


SEO vs PPC: Which One Is Best? The Difference Between Them

Unlike other playbooks that comprise process flowcharts, operating procedures, and values, the digital marketing one is starkly different. To begin with, the digital marketing playbook consists of a voluminous repository of keywords, search terms, and tracking data that include information sources – display, video, social, and search – that lead online users to brand or …

BLOG | Web Design

How to Be a Web Developer in 2021

In today’s day and age, we are all surrounded by technology. Technology is everywhere, from basic applications to ground-breaking inventions such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (MI), Robotics and others. Even the social media sites and search engines we visit and consume content come from technology. The eCommerce sites that we use for purchasing …

BLOG | Web Design

What is the Future of Website Design: How Will Web Design Change?

Where do you think you shall be five years from now? Actually, how about ten years? One can only make an estimated guess about their lives (which more often than not turns out to wrong). On the other hand, web design is defined through the upcoming trends and changes in the digital environment. While there …

BLOG | AI Marketing

5 Signs How AI Has Changed Digital Marketing Landscape

By now, we all are aware that AI is the future. It is set to change the complete landscape of digital marketing and have a tremendous effect on employment. MintTwist is among those agencies who are adapting to AI and all the new changes and trends. So, What Exactly is AI? Artificial intelligence is a …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Why Video Ads Will Be Key for Your PPC Marketing Strategy in 2021?

As a marketer, the scramble to keep up with the current and upcoming trends comes with the job description. The continually changing scenarios and the ever-decreasing attention span create quite the ruckus for everyone in the advertising industry. Whether that be a digital marketing agency, understanding what tomorrow holds is indeed the key to forming …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Taking Your Business Online Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The current economic crisis that all countries are experiencing is shaking the pillars of every business across all sectors. Thousands of firms have closed since the beginning of this pandemic, while others are still on furlough. Now that the summer has arrived, lockdowns are being eased at a sustained pace. Those businesses that have survived …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Selling Online Through Marketplaces: A Guide

If you sell products and own their IP, it’s a common business practice to try to get those products on as many shelves as possible. While running a successful online store of your own is great, having your products sold in a department store or boutique will just increase your sales, reputation, and visibility. It’s …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Best Facebook Ad Campaigns Of 2019

Facebook stands head and shoulders above all other social media sites. It has the biggest reach and the largest number of active users. No business should be without a Facebook page in 2019. So, keep reading to discover the best Facebook ad campaigns of the year! In 2018, the platform announced it would start pushing …

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