Desislava Stoyanova

Desislava Stoyanova is a Digital Marketing Executive at Distinction, an integrated digital agency that offers a truly full suite of services to their clients, including strategy, design and build, digital marketing and project management. For over 15 years, Distinction has been helping forward-thinking brands to transform their businesses using digital, while at the same time creating effective, customer-centric strategies that connect with people, user experiences that people love to use, and marketing campaigns that grow business in ways you can measure.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Connect Your Brand With The Right Digital Influencers

A summary of all you need to know about the power of digital influencers. In recent years, we’ve seen a rise in digital influence in marketing. This is where brands use influencers to connect to more people, grow their reach and build a bigger and better network of trusted and passionate followers. Brands use various …

BLOG | Content Marketing

5 Of The Best Content Tools To Create Engaging Content For Your Site

In today’s digital world, content should be at the heart of any great integrated digital marketing strategy. Valuable content adds to the overall user experience and helps you boost search engine visibility. If you invest in creating a high-quality site that contains original content, search engines will help you get more exposure, improving your site’s …

BLOG | AI Marketing

Artificial Intelligence And Its Impact On Digital

Since the very beginning of 2016, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made incredible progress. From autonomous driving to the AlphaGo’s victory over the world champ Lee Sedol, the achievements made by AI in the past year have been more than impressive. Google’s DeepMind AI can now read lips better than a professional and has mastered the …

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