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Arconic Reimagines The Year 2062 With ‘The Jetsons’

Are you ready to ‘Meet George Jetson’? The air travel, future cityscapes, future space exploration and automotive transportation company, Arconic, is here to introduce you to him. 

Alcoa Inc., the Aluminum Company of America, restructured and their manufacturing side is now called Arconic. To celebrate the change, the company introduced itself with the most iconic cartoon of all time, The Jetsons.

Under the name of ‘The Jetsons Project’, the technology of flying cars, the future of air travel, mimicking of aerodynamic surface, augmented reality and virtual reality are filmed in the video, along with company topics and projects.

Let’s watch the introductory ad of the company:

Justin Lin and The & Partership directed the spot. In the video, the world is reimagined, inspired by the Hanna-Barbera cartoon, the Jetsons. This retro-futuristic approach gives some clues about the company’s future work.

Arconic depicts the scientific makeover that explains the reimagination of the year 2062, where Jetsons hypothetically took place. The cartoon aired in 1962 but the story, futuristic utopia took place in 2062.

Justin Lin, the Director of the video says,

When I heard about this project I thought that it would be exciting to be part of the legacy of something that was part of my childhood and to reimagine that.

This is super-cool and the tribute of using the Jetsons cartoon idea is beyond wise.

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