Shogun Social

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Shogun Social is an organic first social media agency that helps companies post-like content creators to create demand online.

UK HQ: Southampton
2-10 Employees


At Shogun Social we believe Most companies’ relationship with social media and creativity is broken, and you see business pages that are formed by nothing but boring blog posts, eBooks, and photos from Bob’s birthday party.

This does nothing to get your customer to truly want your product or service. So Shogun steps in to plan, create, and curate content that educates, inspires, and entertains. We do this by pushing your brand’s boundaries by using techniques from creators. Using this content correctly will help generate demand.

Our core services are:

– Brand Strategy
– Social Media Management
– Training & workshops
– Influencer Marketing
– Social Media Reporting
– Graphic Design
– Hybrid Videography
– Modern Photography
– TikTok Content Creation
– Podcast Production
– Blog Writing

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