Croissant & Baguette

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Croissant & Baguette is a boutique digital agency based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in digital transformation and innovation.


Everything we do at C&B is premium quality and with best practices in mind. That means our apps are fast and built for scale, our coding is tidy, our designs are stellar, and we pay attention to the details.

Front-end services

We can build you a customer-facing digital footprint that delights. From custom websites, both simple or complex, to web and mobile apps, our creations are beautiful, functional, tasteful, and on-trend.

Back-end services

We help you identify opportunities to build efficiencies into your business using automation, bots, software, and other technologies. We also build internal interfaces, dashboards, and apps to help your team seamlessly interact with your new or existing tech stack.

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