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Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Kent

Explore the award-winning digital marketing companies in Kent, specialising in services such as; UX design, branding, web design and development, advertising, social media marketing etc
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Digital marketing services in Kent

  • Supersonic-Playground-digital-agency

    Supersonic Playground

    We offer professionally designed, high quality and affordable WordPress and WooCommerce web development in Kent, London, and across the Midlands.

  • chilliapple-digital-agency


    Chilliapple is an award-winning web & app development agency based in Kent (UK).

  • patch-digital-agency-kent-uk


    SEO, digital advertising, content marketing and web development. Patch develops sites that inspire emotions and delivers campaigns that motivate action.

  • the-familiar-digital-agency

    The Familiar

    A human-centred design and tech consultancy. We help teams and leaders make products, services and decisions of lasting impact.

  • form-agency-digital-agency

    Form Agency

    We are an experienced creative branding and marketing agency based in Kent, South East of England, fuelled by creativity and passion.

  • big-orange-media-digital-agency

    Big Orange Media

    At Big Orange Media, we believe that success is all about understanding what you want to achieve and creating custom solutions designed to help you get there.

  • mantra_design_agency


    We use simple, clean design to emphasise your strengths, bring clarity to your customers, and instil confidence in your brand.

  • mso-web-agency

    mso Web Agency

    Creative experts in Wordpress website design with over 20 years of experience providing expert solutions in bespoke web design, website CMS and eCommerce.

  • gooey-digital-agency

    Gooey Digital

    Digital marketing that sticks. Quality SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content for ambitious businesses in London & Kent.

  • flolite_crm_agency


    Flolite consolidates martech stacks, humanised workflow sequencing and delivers effective email marketing and campaign management.

  • hd-create-digital-agency

    HD Create

    We are a branding, design and digital creative agency partnering with businesses in Canterbury and throughout Kent.

  • adams-creative-group-digital-agency

    Adams Creative Group

    Adams takes a different approach to marketing, working in collaboration with our clients, we provide value-added solutions to fit individual business needs.

  • nerd-digital-agency

    Nerd Digital

    A company of digital marketing and journalistic experts. We will make your business look great and, more importantly, easy to find online. Contact us for a chat.

  • blue-moxie-digital-agency

    Blue Moxie

    A digital marketing agency committed to helping clients achieve their goals. We’re experts in social media, SEO and content marketing.

  • to-the-moon-marketing-digital-agency

    To The Moon Marketing

    We choose to go to the moon. Not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

  • clockwork_moggy_digital_agency

    Clockwork Moggy

    We develop brands, create solutions, automate workflows and innovate business. Be it branding, PPC ads, social media we have all your marketing platforms covered.

  • tiga-creative-digital-marketing-agency

    Tiga Creative Marketing

    We are a B2B agency that understands how to raise awareness and engage with your audience. Contact our talented team of designers, developers and marketers.

  • mcm-digital-agency


    As a customer acquisition agency, we go further to reach the customers your brand was made for, with strategy- led PPC and Social campaigns.

  • Muve-and-marketing-digital-agency

    Muve Media & Marketing

    Muve is a marketing agency delivering strategic concepts, collaboration, great creative, crafted campaigns and cost efficiency for your marketing communications.

  • TLBM-digital-agency

    Think Little Big Marketing

    Think Little Big Marketing Ltd is a unique design and marketing agency based in the UK. We work with UK startups, SMEs, and businesses looking to grow.

  • tilt-digital-agency-kent-uk

    Tilt Digital

    Tilt Digital specializes in developing bespoke WordPress websites, digital campaigns, and branding. Primarily a digital agency, we also produce web design solutions.

  • knowlton-digital-agency-kent-uk


    We help Marketing teams and business owners deliver creative Digital & Social Media Marketing Campaigns that outperform traditional marketing.

  • am-marketing-digital-agency-kent-uk

    AM Marketing

    Our team specializes in creating bespoke websites, strategies, and marketing campaigns based on your goals, business objectives, and budget. ​

  • the-hideout-digital-agency-kent-uk

    The Hideout

    The Hideout is a studio of designers, developers, and content makers based in the Garden of England. We offer a full range of services and help you from idea to delivery.

  • think-studio-digital-agency-kent-uk

    Think Studio

    Full-service, interconnected, and brand-led, we are creative partners to ambitious companies wanting to design better businesses through more compelling brands.

  • whitefish-marketing-digital-agency-kent-uk

    Whitefish Marketing

    Whitefish Marketing is a specialist Digital Marketing agency based in Kent, servicing clients throughout the UK and overseas.

  • sleeping-giant-media-digital-agency-kent-uk

    Sleeping Giant Media

    Sleeping Giant Media is a Specialist Search Agency. We offer our clients superior service in every way.

  • visarc-digital-agency-kent-uk


    We are Visarc. A leading international integrated marketing agency based in Kent, specializing in strategy, design, and digital for some of the world’s most iconic brands.

  • finally-digital-egency-kent-uk

    FINALLY Agency

    Global award-winning marketing agency based in Canterbury. Helps you grow, through strong positioning, branding, segmentation, and an inbound marketing approach.

  • reflect-digital-agency-kent-uk

    Reflect Digital

    We fuel business growth through innovative digital marketing and technology solutions powered by neuroscience and behavioral economics.

  • 3six5-digital-agency-kent-uk

    3SIX5 Digital

    3SIX5 Digital is a full-service digital agency based in the historic Rochester, Kent. Offering bespoke web design, SEO, social media & PPC & lead generation services.

  • sagittarius-agency-digital-kent-uk


    Sagittarius is a digital marketing agency that provides solutions to the UK and International based clients to develop, promote, and champion their brands.

  • cheeky-communications-digital-agency-kent-uk

    Cheeky Communications

    We apply straightforward, grown-up thinking to produce effective creative and campaigns that work. We listen, think, and then solve brand challenges without fuss.

  • southpaw-agency-digital-kent-uk

    Southpaw Agency

    We use neuroscience and effectiveness research methods in order to deliver creativity that will have a high emotional impact on behalf of our clients.

  • minerva-creative-digital-agency-kent-uk

    Minerva Creative

    At Minerva Creative, we specialize in content. We write and edit good quality copy, provide content marketing and SEO services - and even create the odd website.

  • wonderful-creative-digital-agency-kent-uk

    The Wonderful Creative

    Wonderful isn’t just our name. It’s what we do. Wonder is to think beyond the ordinary. We want to revitalize old brands – and help build exciting new ones.

  • reddico-digital-agency-kent


    We’ll help you become an industry leader. Combining unmatched expertise in SEO, with unique technology, we solve the problems your last agency couldn’t.

  • extradigital-marketing-agency-kent-uk


    ExtraDigital is a Kent based agency with over 15 years of experience in B2B marketing.

Questions to Help You Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Kent
How can I choose the best digital marketing agency that resonates with my business goals in Kent?

Consider factors like their reputation among local businesses, their experience in the local market, their expertise in your industry, and their capacity to comprehend Kent’s distinctive character when choosing the best digital marketing agency for your business in Kent. It’s additionally critical to evaluate their services, pricing, and client reviews to settle on an educated choice.

Why is it crucial to select a digital marketing agency that is familiar with Kent's distinctive character?

Kent has its own unmistakable local business scene, culture, and shopper ways of behaving. You can better tailor their strategies to better align with the preferences and requirements of the local audience if you select a digital marketing agency that is familiar with Kent’s distinctive character. This could lead to more successful marketing campaigns that resonate with the local market and improve your company’s outcomes.

What are some of the advantages of working with a Kent-based digital marketing agency?

There are many benefits to working with a Kent-based digital marketing agency. They probably know more about the local market, the competition, and how people shop. Your marketing efforts may also benefit from their established relationships with local partners or media outlets. Additionally, a local organization may be more readily available for in-person meetings and discussions, facilitating smoother communication and collaboration.

How can I determine a Kent digital marketing agency's reputation?

Checking a digital marketing agency in Kent’s online reviews, case studies, and testimonials can help you determine their reputation. Look for reviews from previous customers, especially those who live nearby. You can also ask other local Kent businesses or industry associations for references or recommendations. Additionally, investigate their partnerships, awards, and certifications to assess their expertise and credibility.

What might a digital marketing agency in Kent do for my business stand apart from my competition?

By developing custom strategies that take into account Kent’s distinctive character, a digital marketing agency in Kent can help your company stand out from the competition. This can incorporate streamlining your site for neighborhood Website design enhancement, making content that resounds with the local community, utilizing web-based entertainment and paid publicizing to target nearby clients, and carrying out other advanced advertising strategies that are pertinent to the local market.

How can a Kent digital marketing company assist me in increasing my rankings in local search results?

By optimizing your website for local SEO, creating and optimizing your Google My Business profile, managing local business listings, and creating content that is relevant to the local audience, a digital marketing agency in Kent can assist you in improving your local search rankings. Local search strategies like geo-targeted keywords, location-specific landing pages, and localized content marketing can also be implemented by them to increase local customer acquisition and visibility in search results.

When looking for a Kent-based digital marketing agency, what factors should I take into account?

Consider the digital marketing agency’s local experience, familiarity with the local business landscape and consumer habits, capacity to tailor strategies to the Kent market, and track record of success with Kent businesses when looking for a Kent-specific agency. Additionally, look for firms that are involved in the community, are familiar with the culture of the area, and are able to demonstrate their appreciation of Kent’s distinctive character in their marketing strategies.