Adtrak Devised a Local SEO Strategy for Clear Channel Direct

Clear Channel Direct are one of the UK’s leading providers of outdoor advertising solutions for the SME market. Their billboards are everywhere, but they sought Adtrak‘s help.

  • 90% increase in sessions year-on-year
  • 97% increase in leads year-on-year
  • 273% increase in SEO sessions year-on-year

What was the brief?

Clear Channel Direct wanted to develop and grow their business through increasing traffic to their site, as well as improving the quality and quantity of their leads.

What did Adtrak do?

Adtrak devised a local PPC and SEO strategy – they knew this would be the best way to engage with local SMEs, and this approach would increase visibility in all major cities, too.

Researching common queries from SMEs regarding outdoor advertising allowed them to create content that caters to these questions. They promoted the content in publications that are popular with Clear Channel Direct’s target audience, so as to push the brand to those who were previously unaware of it, with the aim of boosting brand awareness and increasing traffic.

Adtrak also set up call tracking to drive more leads – the tracking allows them to see which keywords are resulting in calls, which in turn allows them to optimize the AdWords campaign around these keywords. It reduced the spending on non-converting terms, which means they increased conversions but without increasing ad spend.

Mark Mahoney, Head of CRM and SME Marketing:

I have been exceptionally pleased with Adtrak. In their first year working together, they improved leads by 40% and organic traffic to Adtrak’s site rose in excess of 150%. This was for the same spend as with their previous agency. In year two, they have seen an even better performance, with both leads and revenue rising. I’d recommend Adtrak for any business. Adtrak generates results!


Sessions, leads, and SEO visits all increased significantly as a result of their work with Clear Channel Direct.

Adtrak has created an immensely fruitful partnership with Clear Channel Direct, and they’re very excited to see what the future holds for them.

About Adtrak

Adtrak is a full-service digital marketing agency that focuses on generating leads for businesses through performance-driven websites, branding & online marketing.