How Wise’s Marketing Strategy Is Changing the Game

Breaking through the noise in marketing is no small feat. But Wise, a company that specializes in international money transfers, has cracked the code, as Wise’s marketing strategy truly connects with people.

How does Wise’s FinTech marketing strategy achieve this?

By zeroing in on what customers really want and delivering it in spades, but that’s not all. 

Wise has also mastered the art of content marketing and creation. Their videos are not just informative; they’re enjoyable to watch. Ever seen a finance video that makes you want to hit the share button? That’s what they do, and it’s a key player in (a) Wise marketing strategy.

And don’t even get us started on their social media game. They’re not just posting promotional content. They’re out there, interacting with their customers, answering questions, and building a community. Also, Wise’s influencer partnerships are spot on. They’ve picked the right people to help spread their message.

Let’s see what we can learn from Wise’s approach to FinTech marketing!

Understanding the Customer

Nobody likes being stung by high international money transfer fees, especially when they’re hidden in the exchange rate. This is where Wise shines.

Both Wise ‘s marketing strategy and its branding are all about transparency. They’ve crafted a pricing structure that’s clear and easy to grasp. When you make a transfer, everything is laid out in front of you—what you’re paying and what your recipient will get. 

You basically say goodbye to hidden fees and unwanted surprises, and Wise markets this aspect often through various channels such as their blog, Instagram and TikTok accounts, YouTube channel, etc.

Understanding the Customer

This transparency is a game-changer. It eliminates the usual stress tied to international money transfers and highlights Wise’s commitment to meeting the needs of its customers, offering a straightforward, affordable solution for handling international transactions.

Creating Engaging Content 

No matter how perfectly you design and develop a product, and no matter how smoothly it solves problems, it won’t truly succeed unless you market it in such a way that its benefits run through your target audience’s veins.

Wise seems to know that well.

When we check out their YouTube channel, a trove of informative content shows why it is logical to choose Wise for international transactions. And they do this in an engaging way. 

For example, here’s how to use Wise in a step-by-step video that only takes 5 minutes. 

So, they crash a lot of info in a few minutes and make getting what you’re looking for even easier by adding time stamps.

Another engaging and informative content marketing example by Wise is here: With a series of friendly and practical tips, they’ve got you covered.

These videos aren’t just there to showcase the perks of using Wise; they’re crafted to ensure you have a good time while watching.

Wise’s keeping its current customers happy and they’re also reaching out to potential new ones as these videos seem shareable. They are short, to the point, and informative. After all, why wouldn’t the audience share them with their friends and family looking for money transaction options?

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Leveraging Social Media

Without social media, dreaming of reaching out to as many correct audiences as possible would be a lost cause. That’s why Wise’s significant presence on Instagram and TikTok seems wise to us! As a firm that primarily targets freelancers, most of whom are from Generations Y and Z, the energy and time they provide for creating social media content makes perfect sense.

So, Wise’s social media is buzzing with activity. You can see that they promptly answer customer queries and share the latest news from Wise.

But where Wise really stands out is in their approach to social media campaigns. They’re not afraid to push the boundaries and get creative. Their social media posts are eye-catching, yes but that’s not all. These posts also have a pivotal role in building Wise as a well-known and trustworthy brand, nudging customers to take action.

Let’s see an example:

Wise introduces Jars by Wise and starts the reel by focusing on a key pain point of its potential users: 

“Do you find it hard to save money for big or regular purchases?”

As a firm mostly targeting Generations Y and Z, they know that these generations particularly struggle with saving money. Voila, they hit the mark!

And speaking of generations, let’s look at another successful example by Wise:

Here, the brand focuses on being relatable and makes its message clear: “Our brand understands you very well.”

Although Wise’s main focus on social media is on younger generations recently accessing money, they also create content targeting older generations. Here’s an example explaining how to transfer money with Wise quickly.

Results and Impact

Wise’s explosive growth, with their services now reaching over 10 million customers across more than 180 countries, reflects a shift in the world of finance.

Results and Impact

But it’s not just about reaching the far corners of the globe. The scale of Wise’s growth is also a testament to shaking up the status quo, especially in international transactions with their full transparency policy.

And by emphasizing transparency and fairness in their FinTech marketing strategy, Wise has not only carved out a niche in the market but also become an established brand as the preferred choice of millions.

Wrapping Up

There you have it to unlock wise growth strategies!

Wise isn’t just making international money transfers a breeze; the brand is totally revolutionizing the game. Their spot-on social media campaigns, engaging content, and total transparency emphasized through their FinTech marketing strategy have made them the go-to choice for over 10 million customers worldwide. 

In the world of FinTech advertising, they’re truly leading the pack and changing the way we think about moving our money around the globe. 

Why not take a page from Wise’s book and see how their approach can inspire your next marketing move?