Paid Membership Benefits

Paid Membership Benefits

DAN Membership is a great option if you would like to attract potential clients, showcase your latest work, publish news, press releases and find new team members through your presence on DAN.

Generate Leads

Have your own agency profile where you can showcase your latest work, services and expertise.

Attract Traffic

Get up to 300% more clicks due to your higher listings in DAN agency directories.

Get Engaged

Have access to DAN Members Area and get involved in our community based projects.

Find New Teammates

Publish your agency’s job openings and find candidates that make the best fit.

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  • Benefits
  • Advertising on DAN

    A dedicated page to showcase your agency

  • Monthly Publications

    Number of agency posts on the website. Can be work, news or guest author blogs.

  • Community Based Projects

    Social media shares by DAN for agency publications and job ads.

  • Members Area Access

    Number of job advertisements on the DAN Job Board in a year

  • Social Media Coverage

    The support type for your possible questions or requests.

  • Special Discount for Events

    The support type for your possible questions or requests.

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  • Free Membership
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  • Paid Membership
  • Upgrade

If you’d like to receive a fair amount of prospect traffic, generate leads and gain digital PR & SEO advantages, we recommend a paid membership.

Free Listing vs Paid Membership

Free listing agencies get listed at the bottom section of our directories.

Paid members get listed higher in DAN directories and improve their CTR significantly.

Paid Membership Benefits

Check out the main reasons you can consider to upgrade your free listing to paid membership.

Agency Profile Page

Showcase your latest work, publish news, press releases and jobs at your unique profile page. Specify the services and industries your agency specializes in.


Advertising on DAN

Get a chance to book high performing ad slots on DAN such as Featured Agencies and Agency of the Month and attract significantly more traffic to your website.


Monthly Publications

Showcase your best work, publish agency news, awards and press releases on DAN. Publish unique articles (with backlinks) and gain SEO value.


Community Based Projects

Get involved in our community projects such as comprehensive e-Guides and online events curated together with industry leaders from agencies and digital-centric companies.


Members Area Access

Get access to DAN Members Area where you can update your agency profile, publish content, jobs and find out about special discounts for SaaS tools and industry events.


Join our fast-growing happy community

Scaling up digital agencies and supporting their bussiness growth our mission!

Have a look at our members’ feedback about how DAN helped them grow their bussiness.

Upgrade your

Take action! Upgrade your free listing now and unlock the benefits of DAN membership.

– How can I login to the Members Area and reach my account?

DAN paid member agencies can have access to the Members Area only. If you forget your login credentials, please contact us.
Since free listings don’t have the benefits of DAN Membership, they don’t have an agency profile or access to Members Area.

– Where exactly will my agency get listed if I sign up for paid membership?

Paid member agencies get listed in the ‘DAN Member Agencies’ section above the ‘Free Listings’ section in our city directories.
As a paid member, you will be able to book ad slots in the ‘Featured Agencies’ section on a monthly basis as well. These ads are not included in annual membership packages.

– How do the ‘Featured Agencies’ ads work and what are the costs involved?

We offer Featured Agency advertising slots to our paid members only. We’ll be happy to share further details on available ad slots and their costs as soon as you upgrade your free listing to a DAN membership.