Senior Project Manager

Y Media Labs is looking for a Senior Project Manager to join their office in San Francisco.

Employer: Y Media Labs

Location: San Francisco / USA

Position: Senior Project Manager


Y Media Labs is a creative technology company that helps brands re-imagine their customer experiences. We create digital products with purpose that have lasting impact on users’ lives and clients’ businesses.

Through next generation technologies and world-class design, we help brands like Apple, PayPal, L’Oreal, Home Depot, and Staples develop solutions that drive major business outcomes. Founded in 2009, Y Media Labs is headquartered in Silicon Valley with four offices worldwide including Atlanta, Indianapolis & Bangalore.

We came of age with the invention of the app store. We have mobile in our DNA. We create solutions across the digital ecosystem. But we approach these problems from our mobile roots. Unlike agencies who are born desktop, we are deeply connected to how consumer perception has shifted thanks to the mobile lifestyle.

We have delighted over 407 million users, built over 200+ apps, partnered with 28 Fortune 500 companies, been responsible for over $60 billion in mobile transactions and been featured on the app store over 700+ times!

Portfolio of our work can be found @ ymedialabs.com/work

Live look into our engineering team @ medium.com/ymedialabs-innovation

Live look into our design team @ dribbble.com/ymedialabs

As our Senior Project Manager, you will drive a seamless product delivery that will delight our clients and their customers. Working in collaboration with our engineering, design and quality assurance teams, you will build software that solves real world problems. You are a passionate advocate for software quality, its role in our society and its relationship to technology. You possess outstanding project management skills, and a solid understanding of contemporary tools and methodologies.

As a leader throughout the project life cycle, you are focal to the impact of the engagement. You facilitate various project workshops and processes enabling a cross functional effort that will bring an exceptional high quality product and experience to consumers.

Core Responsibilities:

• Drive a cross functional teams towards extraordinary product deliveries
• Speak the truth, face the facts
• Be able to seamlessly set up Project Management systems as needed
• Effectively serve as the primary point of contact between our clients, engineering and design teams and continually drive towards a superior user experience using novel design concepts
• Be a self proclaimed JIRA & 10,000 feet master


• Aspiring Leader — you are both a team leader and a team player
• Resourceful — you are a go-getter that leads by example, drives self research and is an endless problem solver
• Clear — you provide clear and actionable direction to your team and clients
• Collaborative — a dynamic team player, you are proactive about soliciting and giving feedback
• Passionate — you love quality engineering, design and technology and the role it has in the shaping the future


• Provide good technical guidance to project team members so that their abilities and the overall project quality are enhanced
• 7 years minimum experience practicing software project management with 4 years minimum specializing in native mobile apps / digital products
• Drive product cycle with iterative UX brainstorming, concept ideation and end user validation to bolster a product market fit
• Cross functional collaboration on product development and innovation
• Proven track record of delivering elegant products using metrics as evidence
• Strong understanding of version control on deliverables
• Excellent client facing and communication skills
• Experience working with pool of shared resources
• Ability to function effectively and communicate with cross-functional teams — Design, Project/Product Management, Quality Assurance, Strategy, Data Science, Innovations Team, Marketing, Talent etc, and manage continuously changing business needs

Job Application Link: https://ymedialabs.com/role?gh_jid=P_AAAAAAIAACBG8CJ_pi0Ok4

Y Media Labs

Award-winning creative technology company that helps brands re-imagine their customer experiences, through next-generation technologies and world-class design.


255 Shoreline Dr., 6th floor, Redwood City CA 94065



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