Marketing Analyst

Construct Digital is looking for a Marketing Analyst to join their team in Singapore.

Employer: Construct Digital

Location: Singapore / Asia

Position: Marketing Analyst


We’re looking for a Marketing Analyst to be the CSI to our strategic and marketing initiatives – particularly in extracting insights about our clients’ customers.

You could be inferring customer segments from demographic, psychographic, and transactional data; or building customer/prospect propensity models; or building lead scoring models that speed up prospect qualification (and get more ka-ching $$$); or… and the list goes on.

You’re responsible for defining the research question, how to do it and with what data. That includes look for the right data (be it from client, scraping it, or buying it from data brokers), wrangle the data into analytics-ready shape, and analyse it with the right algorithms and models (be it from tools, pre-trained models, or your own R/Python code).

Does it sound like you’ll be good at it?

Send us your CV. We’ll talk shop. Remember: Bring your analytics toolkit.


• Lead and participate in data strategy development for clients and new business
• Identify analytic questions, data, and analytical experiments
• Find and pre-process structured and unstructured data
• Identify, analyse, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets
• Generate visualisations and reports to present your findings
• Add and maintain our strategic knowledge base

We expect you to:

• Work well with technical specialists, account managers and strategy planners
• Use the predictive models, data mining and segmentation techniques
• Use analytics to make the jump from data to insights
• Be strong in maths (just what is ) (X + A)n = k=0nnkxkan-k
• Publish analytics findings as reports, blog posts/whitepapers

You are the sort of person who:

• Always ask questions and demands evidence
• Deals with ambiguity well. How? You tell us.
• Is intellectually restless and rigorous
• Can explain hard, complex ideas to your grandmother


• Intelligence, self-awareness, analytical thinking
• Computer Science, Information Management or Statistics degree. Graduate degree in Data Science preferred
• 2+ years of experience as a data analyst or similar capacity
• Familiarity with Data Mining tools (such as SAS Miner, Orange, Rapid Miner) and Visualisation tools (e.g. Tableau, Power BI), machine learning and data wrangling packages in R/Python, and machine learning/data algorithms
• Knowledge of statistics and experience using statistical packages for analysing datasets (Excel, SPSS, SAS etc)

Why join us:

• Be part of a team of passionate digital specialists
• Grow with annual training that is relevant to your profession and the industry
• Be part of our yearly company trip where our 4 offices come together to have fun
• Be rewarded with a competitive salary and performance based bonus
• Be equipped with premium hardware and up-to-date software & tools in a great working environment

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Construct Digital

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