Full-Stack Developer

Boldium is looking for a Full Stack Developer to join their office in San Francisco.

Employer: Boldium

Location: San Francisco / USA

Position: Full-Stack Developer


Boldium is seeking an amazing developer with charisma, skill, and flexibility. There is no “typical stack” in our work, so you’ll need to be comfortable jumping into a broad range of technologies (i.e., whatever our clients come to us with). This necessitates a willingness and enthusiasm for the unfamiliar.

Since we’re first and foremost a design agency, you’ll also need to have attention to detail in implementing visual designs. We treasure code clarity, documentation, and collaborative spirit. Experience divvying up work on large projects, managing contractors, and develop realistic estimates wins you major bonus points.


• 4+ years of experience writing PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS
• Deep understanding of WordPress theming and plugin architecture
• Experience with version control (we use Git)
• Familiarity with Amazon EC2 and S3
• Understanding of DNS configuration and similar basic web administration concepts
• Comfortability with Bash
• Comfortability with at least one major client-side JS web application framework (Backbone, React, Vue, Ember, etc)
• Comfortability with at least one major server-side web application framework (Rails, Laravel, Node/Express, etc)
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Attention to detail in implementing visual design


• Experience writing C# and Ruby
• Design experience
• Familiarity with emerging tech
• Experience with WebGL or Three.js


Looking for bold? If so, Boldium is your agency. They’re that trend-spotting, data-crunching, creative powerhouse that can help you pioneer the future.


1331 7th St, Unit F. Berkeley, CA 94710