Rainfall is looking for a talented designer to join their office in Seattle.

Employer: Rainfall

Location: Seattle / USA

Position: Designer


Calling all designers!

Rainfall is looking for a talented designer who is passionate about creating unique and exciting brand identity and interactive experiences.

We’re still new here so you might not know us, but we probably believe in the same things you do. Are you a nice person and fun to work with? We think we are. Are you a self-starter who buckles down and just figures things out when you get stuck? That’s how we got this far.

Basically, we hope that you share in our passion for creating work that makes us stop and say “wow!” and being honest with each other if it doesn’t.

The role of a designer is changing every day, with fleeting attention spans and advancements in the way humans and machines interact, but there are a core set of foundational skills we look for:

A conceptual creative mind constantly searching for “the big idea.” A strong grasp of typography and grid structure, with a nack for composition and framing. Proficiency and curiosity in the latest tools, from Creative Suite to Sketch.

We prototype, animate, photograph, print, or code if we think it will help an idea succeed. We may not always know what we’re doing but everything gets our best shot and we hope that you are just as willing to agree to a task even if it’s temporarily uncomfortable.

We are humbled by others in our field and stay in touch with the creative pursuits of others to inform and motivate our own. In other words, we think egos suck, we watch Netflix, and we like others’ Instagram posts. The more we feed our imagination the more will come out of it.

Think you’d be a good fit?

Please shoot us a note so we can be jealous of your work and start a conversation.

The Details:

• Contract: full–time
• On-site in Seattle

The Expectation:

• Entry level
• Internship experience

Your Daily Responsibilities Include:

Creating design materials, brainstorming concepts, and promoting creative excellence

You’re Still Learning, And This Might Be Your First Rodeo:

Your experience includes using industry-standard design tools and having experience brainstorming creative concepts.

If you’ve have strong type skills, we’d love to see!

Job Application Link: https://jobs.rainfall.co/


Rainfall is a design studio that specializes in brand identity, interactive experiences, and digital products.


92 Lenora Street, Seattle, WA 98121



[email protected]

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