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How To Write An Agency Brief That Will Get What You Need

Writing a digital agency brief is an extremely difficult task because you must find words that will describe exactly what you want to get.

Formulating your thoughts and ideas is hard at the best of times, and it gets even harder when working with concepts you aren’t a professional at.

You’ll have to do quite a bit of research into marketing and study several samples so that you know how to write a brief that will help hire the best digital marketing agency for you.

The following questions will guide you and explain what information must be included in the brief:

What is your purpose?

Start with outlining your specific goal or the problem you want to solve by hiring the agency. State it explicitly to prevent any misunderstandings.

By presenting it at the beginning of the brief, you’ll allow the readers to understand what they must do right away and help them focus on finding a solution.

You must also provide detailed background information about your company/product/service.


What is your target audience?

Describe the customer group you are targeting with your product/service in detail. You must know who these people are, where they are located, and what they are interested in.

You can get a better understanding of your audience by using various surveys and polls. SurveyMonkey can help you conduct marketing research on your own.

You can also use tools like Think with Google Marketer’s Almanac, Nielsen MyBestSegments, and MakeMyPersona tools to study the market and develop your targeted customer profile.

What is the problem exactly?

Your goals, business details, and targeted audience provide the ‘setting’ that the agency must understand to develop the best way of achieving your current marketing objectives.

You can help them focus further by describing what kind of problem your customers have that you aim to solve with your product/service.

What is your solution?

Go into more details regarding your product and explain how exactly it can be used to solve the problem. You must also tell the agency which features of the product the customers should find most appealing.


What is your brand message?

‘Just Do It’ by Nike and ‘Impossible is nothing’ by Adidas are brand messages so effective, they’ve become legendary in the business. These short messages are incredibly motivated and evoke strong emotions, and that’s what you should aim to do with your own marketing campaign.

Create a brand message that would make people care about your product and compel them to buy. It must be short and simple to understand for any customer.

You also need to choose a message that resonates with your specific audience. Run a survey to see what kinds of phrases generate a stronger emotional reaction.

How do you want to communicate your message?

List the marketing channels you want to focus on (social media, banner advertising, podcasts, etc.) based on your audience survey. Ask the agency if they have the tools and experience necessary to launch your campaign through these specific channels.

Request some proof to see how they’ve handled these projects in the past.

What do you want your customers to do?

Take a look at how Netflix and Evernote handle CTAs (call to action) and use them for inspiration when designing your own.

Your brief must explain what exactly you want to get your customers do so that the agency can come up with an effective and creative way of wording it for your campaign.

What kind of an emotional response do you want to evoke in buyers?

Emotional marketing rules the day because it generates maximum feedback. In fact, evoking strong emotions is the key to making content go viral.

You’ll need to explain how you want your customers to feel after they buy a product or use your service. Aim for providing them with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Social campaigns, such as #ShareYourEars by Disney or Mini Miracles by WestJet have it nailed perfectly, so you can use them for inspiration.

How will you see that your goal is achieved?

Now, you need to outline how you will determine whether your marketing campaign is working.

This means listing KPIs that are most relevant to your business, like sales, revenue, customer value, cost per lead, traffic-to-lead ratio, etc. This will show the agency where to focus their efforts.


What are the project’s must have’s?

Provide a list of all the things that are ‘non-negotiable’ for you. At the very least it should include:

• Budget
• Logo
• Tagline
• Brand signature signs, music, images, etc.
• Approval process
• Timeline

If you have any other special requests, such as specific colors or style to use, etc., you’ll need to list them as well. The more thorough you are when describing the mandatory details, the easier it would be for the agency to develop a plan that would satisfy you.

What is your competition?

Every market is competitive today, but you need to outline which brands in your niche, you see as your main opponents. The agency would use this information to assess their marketing campaigns and use their weaknesses to enhance yours.

If you have any ideas regarding what you want to target specifically, explain them in the brief. You also need to provide detailed information regarding how your product/service is different from those offered by competitors.


How do you offer to achieve all of the above?

This is the question you should ask for the agency and assess their answer to decide whether they are the right company for you. However, you should also offer some of your own ideas in the brief.

Make Your Agency Brief Clear and to the Point

To ensure your agency brief is effective, you must make it concise and focused. Forego pleasantries and state your wishes and requirements in clear terms to prevent any misunderstandings.

Read it over a few times to make sure you haven’t missed anything. With a detailed brief like this, the agency would be able to develop an effective plan to achieve your specific goals.

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