The Virtual MarTech Exchange Summit APAC 2021

The Virtual MarTech Exchange Summit APAC 2021, organized by BEETc, will be live on 24-26 February.

This February, The Virtual MarTech Exchange Summit APAC 2021 will focus on Customer Experience & Engagement and will explore how to attract and keep the scarce attention of everyday customers via offering seamless customer experiences that will translate into a long-lasting loyal customer relationship with new technologies.

At The Virtual MarTech Exchange Summit APAC industry thought leaders and pioneer service providers will come together online.

Their 7th edition will be a LIVE three-day summit that will focus on 3 MAIN VERTICALS: B2C, BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance), and B2B. 50+ industry-thought leaders and experts will reveal both pain points and best practices for recent advancements in AI, data analytics, machine learning, content marketing, digital privacy, and targeted marketing. Digital agility is no longer optional; it’s a defining competitive advantage.

They will be discussing the MarTech pain-points and where the future holds for a re-emergence post-COVID strategy. The pandemic has left businesses dramatically improving their digital agility and savviness as they face an ever-increasing online world, which leaves many asking how future ready are we?

Why Should You Attend?

  • How will MarTech help your team tackle complexities through a digital transformation era?
  • What to consider when prioritising new technologies & building your Marketing Technology stack?
  • How do you guarantee seamless customer experience & engagement while leveraging your investment?

Join them at the event, where we will cover digital revolution and MarTech innovation through topics of AI and data, digital content personalisation, customer experience design and strategy, digital transformation and engagement.

For more information on how to attend, visit The Virtual MarTech Exchange Summit 2021 website.

This online event is organized by BEETc. on 24-26 February 2021.