The Disruptive Marketing Conference London 2020

The Disruptive Marketing Conference 2020, organized by Roar Media, will take place on the 19th of November in London.

The Disruptive Marketing Conference London 2020 will bring together some of the brightest marketing minds in varying business to consumer industries to offer insights into what works and what doesn’t in reaching an audience using the best of enterprise technology and effective digital innovation.

The summit will provide insight into the current Digital Transformation journeys from experts at the most innovative companies in Europe. Expect insights from those successfully leading marketing initiatives within their organisations and get ahead with know-how on digital marketing, data driven decision making, customer experience, customer journey and much more.

Which Brands Attend to the Event?

The Disruptive Marketing Summit 2020 will feature some brilliant sessions and allow you to leave the event bursting with new ideas and approaches to enhance and accelerate your marketing strategy and capabilities

Topics Include:

  • Customer Experience: Step into your customers shoes and understand them better. The customer journey has never been more important. Our headline speakers share how they tackle customer journey, from product to platform.
  • Digital Marketing: Cross-channel advertising is the new normal. Digital transformation and the advent of digital technologies has changed consumer behaviours and how you reach an audience.
  • Content: The New Currency: Videos, blogs and social media is more prevalent than it has ever been. How are brands approaching a strategy of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content?
  • Data Driven Marketing The insights organisations now have on customers is astonishing. How are businesses building strategies pulled on the analysis of big data collected from consumer interactions and engagements to predict future behaviour?

The Disruptive Marketing Conference is organized by Roar Media The organizer has directed technology events across the world including San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam, Singapore & Melbourne.

Roar Media offers a platform which includes future of technology in business to give technology a voice and it brings clarity to the tools you need in business to adapt and survive .

For more details and registration visit the event website.This event is organized by Roar Media on the 19th of November in London.