TechNOVA: AI 2018

TechNOVA: AI 2018 will take place on the 15th of October at Hilton Tower Bridge in London.

Discount:10%TechNOVA: AI is the event where you get the insights you need to turn advances in artificial intelligence into successful innovation.

The conference offers two stages, one focused on customer experience, the other on back-office transformation.

The agenda is broken down to highlight the two different content streams: Customer Experience and Operations & Technology.

The event is for any forward thinking company realising the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the positive impact it could have on their business.

Check out the highlights from TechNOVA: AI 2017 and get a taste of what you can expect at TechNOVA: AI 2018:

5 Reasons to Attend:

#1 Network with senior leaders across multiple sectors to discover where other industries could provide the blueprint for how your business could change.

#2 Spread your team across two stages exploring AI-enabled customer experience and back-office transformation.

#3 Be inspired by latest start-ups and innovators to look at how AI is being used to push the boundaries of digital transformation.

#4 Understand the latest developments in voice-enabled AI and chatbot tech to give you a window into how your customer experience could be revolutionised.

#5 Gain a real appreciation for the role that robotic process automation and machine learning can play in driving efficiency in back-office operations and data analysis.

Speakers Include:


TechNOVA: AI 2018 is organized by Marketforce.

Established in 1987, Marketforce Business Media has over 25 years experience of delivering high quality strategic events and B2B communications.

Marketforce brings industries together through over forty strategic conferences a year. They provide insight through training courses, lecture series and webinars. Their reports, surveys and interactive PDFs are digestible sources of the latest industry thinking.

This is a crucial opportunity to engage with those at the cutting edge of all AI tech, including machine learning, robotic process automation and neural networks. Learn how AI will shape your long-term strategy and deliver value to your organisation.

Discover exactly how industry visionaries are breaking new ground within Artificial Intelligence.

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For more details and tickets: event is organized by Marketforce
on the 15th of October, 2018,
in London.