eCommerce Design Summit 2019

eCommerce Design Summit 2019 will take place on 4-5 April at the Cavendish Conference Centre in London.

The eCommerce Design Summit 2019 pulls together the world’s most innovative eCommerce platforms, to discuss their Product Design, UX and Strategy.

The event will pull together 500 Senior Product & Experience Designers across two days. Day one will focus on Retail; day two will focus on Travel and Leisure.

This conference will offer excellent networking opportunities, as well as actionable insights for you and your team!

The eCommerce Design Summit 2019 is organized by Tech Circus, a London-based events company. Their ambition is to create dialogue across the E-Commerce community, to accelerate the transformation of our digital commerce services for generations to come.

Tech Circus is exclusively tailored to the training & development of professionals within the digital design industry and aims to become the most significant digital networking company in Europe.

Tech Circus has partnered with a vast range of clients and agencies to bring together the leading experts in a vertical market. It offers high-quality training and networking at all of its events; whether they be its regular meet-ups, annual conferences, workshops or job fairs.

The eCommerce Design Summit 2019 is tailored toward those working as Product/Experience/Design leaders at eCommerce companies.

No matter the size, if you are interested in understanding how some of the most successful brands approach to design within their organizations, they want to see you along.

For more details and registration, please visit the event website.This event is organized by Tech Circus on 4-5 April 2019 in London.