DigXchange Conference 2020

DigXchange Conference 2020, an advanced virtual conference about the digital transformation journey. will take place on 10-11 December.

FreeThe COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed consumer behavior and has forced businesses to rapidly innovate their business models, customer interfaces, operations, and supply chains. While companies are temporarily forestalling their long-term digital transformation initiatives, they are aggressively working on short-term projects such as cloud migration, digital collaboration, and cybersecurity to enable a productive virtual workforce. As CXOs are taking a sigh of relief after tackling immediate issues, they are rightly asking: What’s next? How to prepare for the ‘new normal’? What can they do proactively to reinvent their business or to keep it afloat?

You can join DigXchange Conference 2020 to learn about the digital transformation journey of your peers, how they have been able to keep their businesses afloat and thriving in this challenging business climate, and what initiatives they have embarked upon to address the new normal. This conference will provide you insights into where to focus, how to innovate, and how to leverage emerging technologies to grow your business and to protect your digital assets as the ecosystem turns virtual.

DigXchange Conference 2020 brings together thought leaders and doers to discuss lessons learned and collaborate with each other to develop an action plan to navigate through the current crisis. Participants will include a mix of business, operations, and technology executives from different industry verticals. The single-track virtual summit will run a total of eight hours spread across two days.

Speakers Include:


Join the conversation on digital transformation for the post-COVID world. Learn how different industries are leveraging digital transformation now to survive and thrive in the post-COVID “new normal.”

For more details and event tickets visit the DigXchange Conference 2020 website.This virtual conference is organized by DigXchange on 10-11 December 2020.