DAM Industry Week 2021

DAM Industry Week, organized by Henry Stewart Conferences, will take place on 26-30 April. You’ll hear keynotes from world leading experts!

Free for the first 200 End UsersThe DAM Industry Week 2021 is a week dedicated to defining the future of DAM in your industry.
Introducing the first-ever online Digital Asset Management event that features five full days of content and networking, with each day dedicated to a key industry sector.

Whether you are installing your first DAM system, an early stage user or a mature practitioner determined not to overlook the most up-to-date innovations, there is knowledge here and insights aplenty.

Learn from leading Digital Asset Management professionals and meet with peers from your own industry to share experience of common challenges and successes.

Format for The Week:

  • Monday – DAM for CPG & Retail
  • Tuesday – DAM for Media & Entertainment
  • Wednesday – DAM for Education
  • Thursday – DAM for Financial Services & Insurance
  • Friday – DAM for Healthcare

They invite you to attend your industry’s day, and, of course, every other day that piques your interest or is a sector about which you want greater insight.

Nicole Burgess, Robert Half International, said that;

As a Lone Arranger, HS DAM is the only place where I can “talk shop” with other DAM professionals, learn from them, and connect through shared experiences.

DAM Festival 2020 is organized by Henry Stewart Conferences which provides state of the art, face-to-face and online briefings presented by leading authorities over a wide range of important business areas. In addition, it is the leading provider of CPD property training courses in the UK.

Register for full access to industry-specific days focusing on CPG & Retail, Media & Entertainment, Education, Financial Services & Insurance, and Healthcare.

Don’t miss this great event and visit the DAM Industry Week 2021 website to register!This online event is organized by Henry Stewart Conferences on 26-30 April 2021.