Creative Operations Los Angeles 2022

Creative Operations Los Angeles 2022, organised by Henry Stewart Events, will take place on 25th October 2022 at Loews Hollywood Hotel.

Creative Operations is the discipline responsible for making the creative workflow of a business more structured and streamlined for content creators, so they can produce their best creative work.

The attendees benefit from real-world case studies, interactive panels, workshops, and roundtables – all held by world-leading creative visionaries. Participants at Creative Operations LA will learn skills to optimize their operations and deliver strategic imperatives within their business.

Speakers Include:

Whether you’re in-house, agency-based, or part of a unique structure that fits neither. HS events examine and explore the different models in which creative operations exist and provide content that is relevant for everyone wishing to discover, review or dissect the latest innovations and equip themselves with a state-of-the-art toolkit.

You’ll leave confident that you can:

  • Keep up with the demand for real-time content production
  • Identify and avoid pitfalls in the creative process
  • Master the interaction of business acumen, creativity, and technology
  • Control the sea of data to create meaningful reports and dashboards
  • Standardize the intake process to drive efficiencies in workflow
  • Create effective feedback cycles: annotation, content review, and approval
  • Demonstrate a team’s value proposition
  • Utilize creative resource planning and optimization
  • Lead change within the organization

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Creative Operations Los Angeles 2022 is organized by Henry Stewart Events which provides state of the art, face-to-face and online briefings presented by leading authorities over a wide range of important business areas. In addition, it is the leading provider of CPD property training courses in the UK.
Scott San Martin from Reingold said that;

It was so easy to connect with the presenters – having some one-on-one time with them where I could ask specific questions was incredible!

Don’t miss this great event and visit the Creative Operations Los Angeles 2022 website to register!

This event is organized by Henry Stewart Events on 25th October.