UXDX EMEA 2021 is bridging the gap between Product, UX, Design and Dev to build better products.

UXDX EMEA 2021 is based around the UXDX model which integrates UX into the Development loop by breaking down the barriers between development, design and research teams.

The UXDX team was built to help the product delivery community improve development speed and success with the ultimate aim of bolstering Europe’s reputation as one of the world’s leading product development locations.

What to expect?

  • Inspiring Case Studies:They highlight the leading practices that teams are adopting around the world to build better products, faster, together. But we also share the challenges faced along the way.
  • Scaling product teams:They share techniques and approaches to ensuring quality, consistency, and efficiency as they scale product teams across their organisations.
  • Meet like-minded experts:UXDX attracts the people who are motivated to improve their way of working. Where could these connections take you?
  • Product, UX, Design and Dev: They help people to see outside of their silo to get a systems view of product delivery. T-shaped people with knowledge across Product, UX, Design and Dev are critical in high-performing product teams.
  • Lots of fun! From walking tours, to city runs, to after parties and much more. Advancing your career can be fun too!

UXDX has 3 key goals:

1. Deliver real case-study examples from global thought leaders.

2. Show how companies can improve product delivery and remove the bottleneck of handovers with cross functional teams.

3. Help increase team effectiveness and improve collaboration and performance among of Design, UX, Dev, QA and Product Owners.

Deirdre Ni Luasaigh, CEO of the CultureArk, said:

All product builders, all designers and all developers should be here – together.

UXDX EMEA 2021 is a conference discussing the latest trends in User Experience (UX) and Developer Experience (DX) to help teams deliver successful products faster Enjoy, get inspired and accelerate the success of your product at UXDX!

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This online event is organized by UXDX, will take place on 6-8 October 2021.