best wordpress-marketing-agency-themes

Best WordPress Marketing Agency Themes for your Digital Agency

When launching or revamping your marketing agency’s website, choosing the right WordPress marketing agency theme is of utmost importance, as it will:

  1. Make you appear professional and credible by improving the appearance of your website
  2. Enhance the user experience to deliver a better browsing and reading experience which, in turn, can drive more interest in your services and may lead to a conversion
  3. Help easily customize your website in terms of color palette, layout, theme, and typography to fit your needs as they evolve

In this article, you’ll learn how to pick the right WordPress marketing agency themes for your business and eight handpicked themes to get started quickly.

Top 8 WordPress marketing agency themes for you to choose from

1. Astra

Astra is known for highly customizable free and premium WordPress themes. The specialty of themes created by Astra is that they are fast, lightweight, and customizable without code. The homepage of the dark WordPress marketing agency theme looks like:


Key features:

  • Compatible with various page builders like Elementor and Spectra and editors like the Gutenberg Block Editor
  • Seamlessly integrates with plugins such as Yoast SEO and WooCommerce
  • Comes with built-in SEO features like Schema markup
  • Free forever and has multiple affordable packages that allow you to easily extend your site’s functionality

2. Themify Ultra

Themify specializes in premium WordPress themes, plugins, and add-ons to help their customers build the best business websites. The marketing theme Ultra is customized for growing agencies:


Key features:

  • Themify’s drag-and-drop builder allows you to build websites in any layout without having to write a line of code
  • Addons such as Mosaic, Maps Pro, Contact, and Pricing Table to create specialized sections of your website within minutes
  • Create new custom post types (WordPress has only post and page), including property listings, movie & restaurant reviews, classified ads, and more
  • For $89, you will get complete access to all the themes, add-ons, and updates

3. Themeisle Neve

Neve is a mobile-friendly theme for WordPress users that provides all the features your marketing agency needs to help you deliver a great user experience to your clients.

Here is a website that was built using this theme:


Key features:

  • Lightweight and blazingly fast with a 100% speed grade rating on Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Booster modules to create interactive pages and posts in minutes with premium widgets, content protection, animations, and more.
  • Comes with video tutorials to help you every step of the way and answer all your questions
  • 1-click updates and fast customer support to make sure all your roadblocks are removed immediately

4. OceanWP

OceanWP’s agency themes are great for beginners to build fully responsive WordPress sites quickly. You can choose from over 200 website templates for your business such as the following:


Key features:

  • Allows you to launch your website within minutes by importing readymade demo templates
  • Choose from over 200+ Gutenberg and Elementor-ready templates or build from scratch with the help of customizable tools
  • Make your site’s architecture mobile-friendly from the start while following best practices for SEO
  • An extension bundle that contains Elementor widgets, pop-ups, hooks, side panels, and more

5. Heli

Heli is a simplistic theme great for WordPress marketing agency websites that want to keep their brand’s messaging short without visually overwhelming the viewer. The black-and-white default successfully helps you to maintain a classy appearance:


Key features:

  • Comes with detailed documentation and video tutorials to help you every step of the way
  • Inspirational demos for every niche your marketing agency can cater to with over 60 hero pages to choose from
  • Provides you with premium plugins for free and allows you to save up to $100
  • Free theme updates forever with fast customer support to cater to the growing needs of your business

6. GeneratePress

GeneratePress offers a free and open-source WordPress marketing agency theme that helps you build your website on a robust architecture. The premium version has more customization options and allows you to embed your workflow around it:

Key features:

  • Design customized themes as per your needs with the help of Dynamic Block Elements in the block editor
  • Create a mobile-friendly website with features like Mobile Header, Infinite Scroll, and Sticky Navigation
  • Save money with a lifetime pricing plan which provides WordPress marketing agency theme updates and premium support forever
  • Compatible with your most well-known plugins and page builders to make you feel at home

7. Deep

The Deep theme is one of the most complete themes on this list that is available for free. A lot of the premium features of WordPress marketing agency themes are available here for free which makes it a great choice for growing agencies:

webnus marketing theme

Key features:

  • Auto updater that takes care of your website’s performance and security while you focus on your business
  • Get your website online within minutes by importing one of 28 free demos with one click
  • Seamless integration with the Rank Math SEO plugin to help your site’s Google visibility
  • Save nearly $700 with 27 premium plugins that are available to you for free

8. Brooklyn

Brooklyn helps marketing agencies build aesthetically pleasing websites that perform well without breaking the bank. This theme lets you choose from many out-of-the-box designs to make a great first impression on your visitors:


Key features:

  • Choose from 52 professional website demos and install them to your website with one click
  • Free add-ons like the video addon help you showcase visual content with ease
  • Use the drag-and-drop editor to create interactive content with the help of reusable web elements for image carousels, pricing plans, and more
  • Apart from quick customer support, you can also ask questions in the forum and participate in the community discussions to get the most out of this agency theme

While browsing through WordPress marketing agency themes, it can be challenging to choose the right one quickly. Make this process easy by looking for certain must-have features.

Essential features to look for in a WordPress Marketing Agency theme

Whichever theme you pick, there are five key features you must ensure your theme offers:

  1. Integrations with marketing plugins such as HubSpot and WPForms to help your team build efficient workflows
  2. Mobile responsiveness so your website delivers mobile visitors a great on-site experience which will increase the dwell time
  3. Search engine-friendliness features such as schema markup, meta tags optimization, and clean site code that make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site
  4. Customization options to make sure your site can handle the evolving needs of your business while delivering a great user experience
  5. A focus on speed and performance to ensure low bounce rates and a better user experience

Moreover, work with your team to create your own list of essential features based on your agency’s service offerings and brand identity.

How to choose the best WordPress marketing agency theme in 2023?

Focus on the following three things to learn about your marketing needs which will allow you to choose the right WordPress theme for your agency website:

1. Your target audience’s preferences

Catering to your audience’s preferences can help you choose a WordPress marketing agency theme that is tailored to their needs and will ultimately help you achieve your marketing goals.

For example, if your target audience is primarily millennials, you might want to choose a theme that is visually appealing, has easy-to-use navigation, and is optimized for mobile devices. On the other hand, if your target audience is older, you might prioritize a theme that has larger font sizes and is easier to read.

2. Brand image and objectives

Knowing your brand’s goals helps you decide on two things that are essential for choosing the right theme:

  1. Color palette and aesthetic appearance
  2. Typography and reading experience

Furthermore, it will also allow your team to think ahead about content creation pipelines. For instance, if your team believes that producing text-based content on your website is the best way to relay your brand’s values, consider adopting a WordPress collaboration plugin to make your content production process efficient.

3. Resources available to your team

You need to choose a WordPress theme that helps your team achieve your brand’s goals while catering to your audience’s preferences. This is where you need to consider the time, effort, and human resources available to your team.

For instance, there might be a theme that is very customizable but requires you to provide your existing team members with training. Therefore, it is important to involve your team members while choosing a WordPress theme.

Now, let’s look at eight WordPress marketing agency themes and understand their key features and functionalities.

Summing up

The right WordPress marketing agency theme will help you achieve your marketing goals, increase dwell time, and boost conversion and sales while accommodating the evolving needs of your business.

Choose the right theme by focusing on your marketing requirements which include your audience’s needs and expectations, your agency’s goals and objectives, and the resources available to your team.