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Stephen Moyers is an online marketer, designer and avid tech-savvy blogger. He is associated with Los Angeles based SPINX Digital Agency which provides a range of digital services like web design & development, digital marketing and more. He loves to write about web design, online marketing, entrepreneurship and much more.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Scan, Bag, Go, Repeat – How Brick and Mortar Companies Are Using the Best Features of Ecommerce

Let’s say you’re relaxing on your couch on a rainy evening, fresh from a long day at the office. You just want to sit back and unwind by scrolling through social media. Then, you see it – an ad for your favorite brand’s newest edition running shoes. You’ve been craving for them since last year’s …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Business Lessons We Can Learn From Toy Stores

One of the most prominent industries that have suffered from recent bankruptcies and closures is the toy industry. Toy stores everywhere have faced bankruptcy and shutdowns or have forced themselves to take their business online. One of the biggest casualties in the past years is Toys R Us, an iconic brand and household name, now …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Craft an Effective Twitter Strategy in 140 Characters or Less

Late in 2017, Twitter updated the character limit on its tweets. The popular social media platform increased the number of characters for users from 140 to 280 – a move that is both criticized and praised by Twitter’s loyal following. Over a year later, this change has us wondering – are the extra 140 characters …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Top 6 Tips For Contacting Influencers For Your Brand Campaign

The Rise of Influencers Social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have launched the careers of thousands of influencers and social media personalities. These modern stars have landed book deals, Netflix shows, lead television and movie roles, and have started initiatives outside of the social media realm. All the while, amassing millions …

BLOG | Web Design

How UX/UI Design Will Shape Our Future

Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed every aspect of our world and interactions. UX/UI design is leading the way for ease of use and inclusion of AI into every aspect of our lives. The more significant UX/UI design becomes in the world of technology, the more significant AI will become. UX designers have been elevated to …

BLOG | Web Design

Current UX Design Challenges for Driverless Cars

Self-driving cars have been an invention 100 years in the making. Since at least the 1920s, automobile manufacturers have experimented with vehicles that drive themselves. Today, autonomous vehicles are a reality – but at what cost? Take a look at some of the UX design challenges still plaguing these groundbreaking innovations, and what developers are …

BLOG | Content Marketing

Why It’s Easier To Market To A Niche Audience

Niche marketing – also known as micromarketing – is the springboard of choice for digital marketing beginners. It’s cheaper to start, offers less competition, is a good place to build customer rapport, and gives you plenty of time to generate content. What Is Niche Marketing? It’s possible you’ve heard this term before. Niche marketing can …

BLOG | Content Marketing

12 Tips For Better User Generated Content Campaigns in 2019

The best tips for creating or improving your user generated content marketing campaigns in 2019! Many individuals innately distrust corporations. After all, the point of any business is to make money. Sometimes companies are fair, or even more than fair, in their prices and operations—but they can be greedy. Therefore, people always put more stock …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

6 Social Media Tools to Incorporate Into Your Online Marketing

Most marketers today are already aware of how powerful social media tools like Facebook and Twitter can be for attracting customers. However, as social media continues to grow, new platforms quickly gain popularity. Knowing how some less well-known social media platforms work will help you expand your online marketing reach. If you are not yet …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Guerilla Marketing: A Primer For The New Business Owner

Guerilla marketing shares a name with this type of warfare for a reason. Surprise ambushes are a tried-and-true tactic for grabbing attention and leaving an impression. Guerilla marketing is an unconventional and low-cost marketing technique that maximizes a product’s exposure and minimizes a company’s risk. A bare-bones budget doesn’t have to mean a subpar marketing …

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