Ryan Toomey

Ryan Toomey is Head of Design at the fast-growing digital marketing agency Bulldog Digital Media. Ryan has been at Bulldog since the beginning and is passionate about ensuring all aspects of design, culture, and workflows are in tip-top condition. With years of experience in both design and marketing, Ryan is pro at making any campaign a success; that’s if he isn’t too busy at a gig with a porn-star martini in hand, of course.


Why Lead Generation Is Key For Business Growth

Over the years, the buying process of consumers has changed, meaning that marketers need to keep up with trends in order to reach targets and successfully grow their business. In this guide to lead generation, generating business the inbound way, you can learn how to attract new customers and build your business. Nowadays, more and …

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Top Tactics For A Highly Converting Landing Page

A landing page is essentially a web page which stands on its own in order to help an advertising campaign reach its goal. Landing pages are purely designed to focus on ensuring users convert and don’t get distracted in the process. To put it simply, if you’re running your own PPC campaign, then a landing …