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3 Ways to Get Free Local Business Leads | Digital Marketing Australia

The times have changed, and individuals now seek out information online, whether from the comfort of their own homes or while on the move with their mobile devices. Without a question, promoting your business online is a critical component of marketing your company. In digital marketing, lead generation is the process of acquiring and engaging …


5 Ways SEO Can Help Boost Brand Awareness | Digital Marketing

Unlike many other channels in digital marketing, SEO brand awareness is different as it helps in bring consistent long-term results. One of the primary responsibilities of brand managers and marketers is to increase brand awareness. While SEO has always played a part in increasing brand recognition for businesses, its function has evolved considerably over time. …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Customer Acquisition Cost vs Lifetime Value: Digital Marketing

Year by year digital marketing has led to increasing the valuation of many customers. When it comes to spending on marketing and acquiring new customers tracking & calculating CAC and lifetime value of a lead is important. Effective company executives evaluate their expenditures in terms of the possible return on investment. However, executives and individuals …


Top 5 Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid in 2021

Ten years ago, many incorrectly believed that SEO was a deceptive marketing strategy centred around ‘cheating the formula’ and manipulating Google to believe the website was the best answer for a search query. This should never have been the case, and SEOs should have instead based their attention on achieving the best possible outcome on …

BLOG | Content Marketing

5 Reasons for Creating Compelling Content for Your Business Website

Content marketing has evolved from a new marketing concept to an essential marketing engine for almost any company in every sector. If you have been wondering “Is content marketing critical for my business?” the response is an emphatic YES! The significance of content marketing in digital marketing is directly proportional to its potential to maximize …

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5 Reasons Why You Should Create a Blog for Your Company

A blog for business in 2021 is as important as a business website. Having a blog gives you the advantage of being at the top of the sales funnel by proving the useful information that people research before buying a product or a service. Blogging is an incredible way to boost access to your website …


What are Internal Links in SEO? Why Do You Need to Use Them?

Internal Links are hypertext links which lead to various domains within the domain that they exist on. Generally, internal links point to a different page within the same website. Internal links are helpful for building site architecture and spreading link equity. It is crucial to use internal links in SEO practice since Google uses internal …


How to Find the Best SEO Company in Sydney for Your Business?

An SEO company provides the search engine optimization services to a business. The services are intended to bring visibility and sales to the business. Selecting the right SEO firm can have major consequences for your business and your bank account. It comes down to choosing a good or a bad SEO specialist if you want …


How to Get Benefit From Link Building for SEO?

Google and other search engines continue to use links as one of the top-ranking factors. Search Engines evaluates content quality based on links – and they discover new content through them. An interesting link profile is what Google looks for when determining whether a piece of content is worthwhile or not, since it is a …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Marketing vs Branding: Top Key Differences You Need to Know

Digital Marketing helps in both the marketing and branding of a business. People often interchange these words because both of these practices ensure the healthy existence of the company. But, how are marketing and branding different then? Well, let’s find out; Our clients question us occasionally, “What is the difference between branding and marketing?” “The …

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