Myrthe Kuipers

Myrthe Kuipers is a content marketer at Whello - a fast growing online marketing agency in Amsterdam. One of her specialties is to optimize clients' visibility in organic Google results.

BLOG | Content Marketing

How To Plan Content Marketing?

As rigid as Google is, we are all forced to rethink our latest online marketing practices. Overwhelming the web with all sort of information was once a way to grab users’ attention. However, nowadays we need to think before we start speaking. If we don’t deliver useful information we’ll face the consequences imposed by search …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Checklist: Does Your Landing Page Work For You?

What is a landing page and why is it important to make sure it works for you? A landing page is a website page that enables you to capture information from people who are visiting your website. Too many companies send social media or other online advertising traffic to their home page. This is a …

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