Mitchel White

Mitchel White is a best selling author and Managing Director at Manchester based sustainable branding and marketing agency working with forward thinking brands across ecommerce, manufacturing and B2B.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Continuous Marketing Improvement: The New Key to Growth

Marketing isn’t a one time activity, it needs to be a constant in your brand to succeed. It’s not a set and forget type of job, you need to constantly renew your marketing to stay relevant. Marketing, despite common thinking, isn’t just a promotional tool. It’s essentially the bridge between your organisation and your customers. …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Retail Brand Loyalty is Changing and Success is Still Possible

Marketing tactics are pronounced dead on a daily basis, print has more lives than a cat. The latest addition to the “it’s dead” category is brand loyalty. Retailers and marketers alike are pronouncing brand loyalty dead. Why? Because a lot of brands are seeing a drop off in repeat customer purchases and changing consumer spending …

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