Jen Saunders

Jen Saunders is the Director of SEO at WEBITMD, a growth-driven digital marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami. WEBITMD uses proven methods to drive traffic and increase revenue through custom full funnel marketing and sales enablement solutions. Jen's insights are often shared through publications like, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and SEMrush.

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Growth Marketing Stacks: Why Brands Are Investing In Them Now To Make 2020 a Better Year

Now is the time that businesses are vetting their digital marketing options for 2020. If you are like most other organizations, you aren’t sure which marketing services will garner the best return on your investment, nor are you aware as to how various marketing channels help generate leads and increase sales.  Sure, running SEO services …

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Not Your Ordinary “How to Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy For 2019” Article

We see them every year; articles that advise people on how to improve their digital marketing strategy going into the new year. The problem with most of these articles is that the tips aren’t relevant for the new year. Instead, the year’s subject is simply tossed into the title with the attempt to make it …


Why Corporate Leadership Needs SEO-Driven Link Building With Content To Achieve Growth Goals

For years, businesses and SEO agencies alike have been debating the importance of link building. Let’s begin this article by clearing up any misconceptions that might be hovering in your mind regarding the value of external links. According to Google, links are absolutely necessary for ranking content. Period. The problem is that few SEO agencies …


How to Create An SEO-Friendly, Growth-Driven Blog For 2019

The value of blogging is something organizations have embraced for several years now. Companies know that aN SEO-friendly blog promotes brand loyalty, can play into online reputation management, and accommodate a variety of digital marketing strategies such as SEO and inbound. The problem is that very few businesses run and manage a blog correctly, nor …


How To Spy On The Competition To Improve Your Growth Marketing Efforts

The backbone to a successful growth marketing strategy lies in one’s ability to understand the competition. When marketers discover how buyers engage with industry related content, and how it plays into their purchase-making decisions, every channel of a marketing stack can be optimized to achieve growth goals. Social media, technology, and content audits are very …

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5 Competitor Research Tips To Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

It goes without saying that your business growth partially relies on your ability to dominate your competition and claim the top seat in your industry’s online space. In order to conquer your industry by being that go-to business, there are a number of things you must set out to achieve that range from better understanding …