Jen Saunders

Jen Saunders is the Director of SEO at WEBITMD, a growth-driven digital marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami. WEBITMD uses proven methods to drive traffic and increase revenue through custom full funnel marketing and sales enablement solutions. Jen's insights are often shared through publications like, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal and SEMrush.

BLOG | Content Marketing

4 Secret Hacks To Improve Ranking And Conversions Through Content

The term “Growth Hacking” is tossed around the marketing arena as frequently as the words “evergreen” and “holistic”. In most cases when hacking is used in context to SEO and conversation (even blogging), there is little original thought thought backing the spew of language these terms are marinating in. In order to successfully run growth …

BLOG | Content Marketing

How To Enhance Your Blog With Growth Generating Steroids

Creating a blog is difficult. Developing a blog strategy that drives organic traffic to your site and that converts to dollars is even more complex, especially in today’s Google climate where AI and machine learning fuels the algorithm that pairs search results to queries. First things first, you need to be honest with yourself when …


5 Steps To Understanding Google’s 2018 August Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update: August 2018 – What it means if you got killed in the Rankings? Over the last several days there has been a lot of noise about a potential Google algorithm update, and for good reason. Most people either saw a huge drop in rankings, or a massive boost in the SERPs for …


4 SEO Strategies For Jumpstarting A New Website

Whether you are a small business, or a Fortune 500 organization, nothing is quite as exciting as having a brand new modern website. Your expectations are high, and you truly believe it is going to be a game-changer when it comes to hitting your growth goals. But in order to fully utilize your website as …


How We Increased Organic Traffic & Conversion Rates By More Than 70 Percent

As Director of SEO and Content Strategy at WEBITMD, one of my many responsibilities is to review and analyze data for rolling out new agile strategies for our Growth Stack clients to help them achieve precise goals. These data deep-dives take place on monthly, quarterly, and yearly time frames. This July marked our yearly review …

BLOG | Content Marketing

How To Make The Most Out Of Long Tail Keyword Usage In Your Optimized Content

If you hear anyone tell you that keywords no longer matter, you can safely bet that they also believe in leprechauns and werewolves. This is one of the biggest myths of search engine optimization. Yet one thing can be said about keywords that is very real: how we successfully use them today is very different …


How Combining SEO With PPC Can Improve Your Overall Marketing

SEO and PPC are the two most popular methods of digital marketing. From large corporations looking to increase their organic traffic on a global scale, to local mom and pop shops seeking an increase in traffic, SEO and PPC are proven to help grow businesses of all sizes. The problem is that most organizations either …


How To Nurture Leads Into Buyers Using Only SEO

When most people think of lead nurturing, those who are enlightened to the shifting nuances of digital marketing will naturally cohere to a custom business growth stack compiling of tools and strategies aimed at helping organizations hit high-revenue goals. But let’s get real. Not all companies are ready for a business growth stack. In some …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How Technology And Storytelling Create Growth-Driven Digital Marketing

Storytelling is an art form that has existed since the dawn of human history; it has survived every influx of technical evolution. Throughout time, new technologies have ever posed a threat to storytelling but rather augment its capabilities to capacitate creatives and intellectuals to explore and innovate. Today’s creative marketing agencies live in a renaissance …


Do You Know The Difference Between SEO And Growth Marketing?

“I need SEO services.” This is a statement made by countless businesses whose goal is to grow their brand and continuously hit those high-revenue targets. But is SEO really what they need? For some reason the name “SEO” is often thrown around while being misused and completely misunderstood in meaning. Just as people often misuse …

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