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BLOG | Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Align Your Content to Every Touch Point During B2B Customer Journey

Not so long ago, there were two avatars of marketing—business-to-customer (B2C) …

BLOG | Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

When VR Makes a Cut as an Experiential Tool for the Surgeons

If the medicine is all about saving and improving lives, medical technology is all about making that easier, more precise and less troublesome for both doctors and patients. There is one catch, though. It takes diligence and many years of hard work to master the complex human body sufficiently enough to follow the basic principle …

BLOG | Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

How AR Augments Modern Marketing Beyond the “Wow”

Tara is a democratic shopper. When she went shopping last December, she did not stop trying on a few pieces she liked. She encouraged her friends who had accompanied her to vote for each piece to help her buy what most preferred. She did the same when she shopped last week. Staying safe at home, …

BLOG | AI Marketing

Technology Designed to Know, Engage, Inform, and Delight Your Customer

Thousands were displaced by the lockdown necessitated by the pandemic. And forced to walk hundreds of miles in fear and hunger, desperate to be home, to be somewhere safe. And clueless about what tomorrow would bring. You must have seen the images and the videos. And you must have been moved. Now, imagine one of …

BLOG | Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Virtual Marketing Boosts Adoption of Medical Tech and Devices

Imagine that you are shopping for clothes. One vendor requires you to visit in person to try out umpteen (sanitized?) options. And the other uses technology to let you see the “after look” and even place the order online once you have chosen. Who is more likely to get your money? Now imagine you are …

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