Eser Teker

Eser Teker is an experienced UX writer, working at SHERPA for more than 3 years. Prior to joining SHERPA, he had worked as a content manager, editor and writer for digital publishers.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Not Versus, But Together: Redefining Collaboration With In-house UX Teams At SHERPA

Having an in-house UX team for clients is better. Yes, that’s right, because knowing that the more, the merrier. We know that diversity creates value. And we know that resource allocation requires flexibility.  Building a diverse team  The secret to building digital products is simple, having strong product teams. Culturally diverse, cross-functional teams are leading …

BLOG | Web Design

The Pursuit Of ROI In UX: A Mini UX Audit For A University Website

Let’s talk about return on investment of user experience. We are almost always asked to prove our “essentialness” in a way, explicitly or implicitly, to external or internal stakeholders as UX practitioners. So, below is a UX audit for Leicester University’s website from the usability perspective. One way or another, every one of us faced …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Customer’s Best Experience Reveals Your Brand Story

Brands are like people; each has its own unique story. Whether these stories are creative or ordinary, exciting or boring, inspiring or meaningless, often depends on how they are told. There are many ways to tell the story of your brand, but inviting your customers to have a brand experience with its story makes it …

BLOG | Web Design

Introduction to Circular Design: Design & the Circular Economy

The circular economy has great importance for our world as it is productive and sustainable. Also, the design stage of production is critical in the transition to the circular economy. It is possible to extend the life cycle of the materials and be more efficient with circular design. Nature constructs circular systems while humans set …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

The 9 Key Steps of Customer Experience (CX) Journey Mapping

A CX journey map can be created by predicting the respective behaviours of different personas, based on data collected by research, across the different channels and touchpoints determined by emerging ideas that come about through comprehensive and swift teamwork. Now, we are going to analyse the CX journey mapping process in 9 steps by using …

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