Charlie Britten

Charlie Britten is the content marketing and SEO specialist at BeUniqueness. He has worked in the field of content marketing for 13 years, having switched from a career in financial services. He has previously gained a degree in Politics with Sociology from the University of Wolverhampton and a postgraduate certificate in magazine journalism from Harlow College.

BLOG | Content Marketing

How Can Content Marketing Spread Optimism?

At a time when optimism around the world seems to be in short supply, there has never been a better time to use content marketing in a positive way. Writing upbeat content marketing copy is often easy when there is an obvious positive story to tell about success, an inspirational story or a development that …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Why Will the COVID-19 Crisis Boost Digital Marketing in the Future?

The coronavirus crisis may seem like a huge threat to businesses and jobs as well as health, but digital marketing may in fact take a great leap forward as a result of Covid 19. Major events that can affect whole populations can transform lives in more ways that one; it does not just have an …

BLOG | AI Marketing

What Role Will AI Play in Digital Marketing by the End of This Decade?

The growth of artificial intelligence has been significant, but not always understood. Yet it makes sense to assess how it might influence marketing. The idea of artificial intelligence taking on important decisions has been a classic ‘marmite’ development. For some, the idea has been a welcoming one, based on the notion that machine learning using …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

Marketing Lessons from Virgin: How to Help a Brand Survive Setbacks

Branding is all about building a positive reputation for a firm – but knowing what to do when things go wrong is also very important. Every company needs a strong brand name, something that arises not from one element but several. Each part is important, but the combination of them is what makes your brand …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

What is the Best Social Media Platform for Your Marketing Campaign?

There can be little doubt that social media has a big role to play in digital marketing. But is there really a ‘best’ platform to use in your campaigns? The rise of the internet was so swiftly followed by the emergence of social media that it is difficult for anyone not to bracket them together. …

BLOG | Content Marketing

Why Good Research Can Help Your Story Stand Out

Content marketing and blogging remains a key element of most digital marketing strategies; for all the occasional tweaks of search engine algorithms by Google and others. Good content is vital to generate the level of awareness of your firm or client’s firm that will help them grow. Among the ways you can do this is through good …

BLOG | Content Marketing

How to Put Storytelling at The Heart of Your Content

Content marketing is not just about information and persuasion; it has to go further and tell a full story. Imagine looking for a painting to hang on your wall and finding an odd-looking image of a piglet wading on the shoreline of a desert island. The image may seem curious, but you might soon easily …

BLOG | Content Marketing

How Often Should You Update Backlinks on Your Blogs?

Backlinks are an important part of blogging, but often the question of updating them can be neglected. Few marketers doubt the importance of good content marketing and writing blogs remains a central feature of organic web content. True, there are a few dissenting voices declaring content to be dead, but they are usually engaged in …

BLOG | Content Marketing

How to Write a Series of Blogs as Part of a Campaign?

Blogging is a central part of content marketing, but how can you maintain a theme through a series of blogs for a campaign? Most digital marketers and their clients will understand that content remains kind. The use of organic content with good SEO remains a crucial weapon in the armoury of anyone trying to win …

BLOG | Content Marketing

Ideal Article Length for Bloggers to Catch the Reader’s Attention

Blogging is central to content marketing. But if choosing how long your blogs should be is not an exact science, nor is it a matter of pure guesswork. When producing blogs for a content marketing campaign, a wide array of issues will need to be considered. With careful planning, a dedication to the best search …

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