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Albin Lix is a French Digital entrepreneur in HK & founder of Digital Business Lab—a social media agency specialized in creative video content, targeted ad campaign and authentic influencer activation. Albin and his team believe that business success is built upon excellent digital customer experience and engagement.

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Instagram Hiding Likes: Social Media Experts’ POV

Since the announcement of Instagram hiding “likes”, there has been a lot of speculation and thoughts shared on the impact of this news. Since the change is not affecting the public yet as only a handful of accounts from Japan, Brazil, Ireland and Italy, among others, were selected to participate in the test. In this …

BLOG | Mobile Marketing

All You Need to Know About WeChat in the First Half of 2020

WeChat is continuously updating and adding new features. With >1.1B monthly active users, the Chinese dominant platform has already evolved into something much more than a traditional social media platform. It is almost an Operating System. Consumers see the platform as the source of their entertainment and information, and additionally a channel for purchasing goods …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

4 Steps To Implement Live Streaming In Your Video Marketing Strategy

Videos are one of the most effective mediums for marketing, in fact, they generate 1200% more engagement (e.g. shares) than text with images, according to IMPACT. Among various formats of videos, live streaming is in demand. Live streaming involves less rehearsal and editing, hence it is seen as more authentic and human to interact with …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

Key Opinion Consumers: Who Are They And Why You Should Care?

Key Opinion Consumer (KOC) is the latest form of influencers in China, who are experts in testing and reviewing products. Given that their content is highly reliable, they play an important role in the decision-making process of their readers, regardless of the relatively small audience size. Introducing the concept of Key Opinion Consumers (KOC) Due …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

6 Best Approaches To Step Up Your Social Media Strategy

The time in which trying to publish NNN post a day or to reach NNN amount of fans is long gone—it’s time for quality. We thrive to create stories for brands for the right audience, at the right format and channel. Here are our 6 recommendations to revamp your social media strategy! Leverage the latest …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

How To Drive Real Value For Your Brand With Micro-Influencers In APAC?

Influencer marketing has been on a steady rise across APAC for the past couple of years. With the high amount of technology users in Asia today, the number of social media account owners is quite extensive and as a brand, it is hard to properly target your ad campaigns and to stay relevant while trying …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

KOL Marketing In Asia: 3 Innovative Formats Of Collaborating With Influencers

Influencer marketing has been maturing and evolving over the past few years, KOL activations should be considered as more complex than simply uploading a post on Instagram from a product received by mail. Instead of telling the KOLs what to say and post, brands start to leverage KOLs’ creative expertise to a greater extent. Top …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

A Complete Guide To WeChat Influencer Marketing

To enter the Chinese market, having a WeChat Official Account to represent your brand is highly advisable. However, it takes an additional cost for setting it up, and also time to build a substantial audience size. Also, if you prefer testing the water before investing in WeChat, influencer marketing is the way to grow interest …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

A Full Guide To The Leading Chinese Social Commerce Little Red Book

Little Red Book (aka Xiaohongshu) The changes in incorporating e-commerce with social media platforms appear to be a big step in the West. However, it’s not as surprising for the Chinese users. Chinese social media was initially born with multiple capabilities that essentially combined e-commerce and UGC sharing functions, a perfect example of this is …

BLOG | Social Media Marketing

5 Transformations Instagram Checkout Will Bring To Your Social Media Strategy

Instagram has recently released a new function—Instagram Checkout. Users can now shop and proceed to check out the items without leaving the app. With the launch of this new function, Instagram is evolving into a marketplace, instead of being “just” a great social media platform. By keeping users in the app during the whole purchasing …

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