Aidan Danaher

Aidan Danaher is Marketing Manager at Fifty Five and Five. A digital and content marketing agency in London, Fifty Five and Five plan, execute and run marketing campaigns, build and design websites, write bespoke content, define SEO goals and help companies improve their overall digital marketing efforts.

BLOG | Digital Marketing

The Rise Of Smarketing And Why You Need It

Professor Chris LoDolce defined smarketing as “The alignment of the sales and marketing team around common goals within a business or organisation, focused on improving revenue.” The two teams are traditionally disconnected and viewed, at least internally, as two separate entities. They tend to work with cross-purposes, but the evolution of the B2B buying process …

BLOG | Content Marketing

Give Your Business An Edge With Neuromarketing

We all know that when people say one thing it’s quite possible that they mean another. “I’m fine!” in the UK is a particular favourite. Now, if we were to strap them to a lie detector test, we’d know the answer once the needle lost control and started scribbling chaotically. Neuromarketing works according to the …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How To Provide Value For Your Customers With Great Inbound Marketing

As a business, there is a myriad of ways that you can improve your reputation and attract customers to your site – without competing for ad space, jostling for your customers’ attention or spending a big chunk of your marketing budget. Inbound marketing can help achieve this. What we talk about when we talk about …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

How Personalised Marketing Offers Superior CX and Builds Stronger Customer Relationships

For centuries, the art of the sale meant tailoring your pitch to individual customers. Encyclopedia salesmen, (remember them!) lugged around suitcases loaded with volumes of books, knocked at doors and crafted their pitch to suit the customer’s needs. The sale’s potential success or failure relied on adding that personal touch. The web’s introduction ushered in …

BLOG | Content Marketing

How to Write Great LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn has been established as a popular B2B networking channel for some years now – and in 2019 that strength and value is set to continue. In fact, it’s now the single most popular channel B2B marketers use to distribute content. There’s a good reason for this; the professional focus of the platforms creates a …

BLOG | Content Marketing

The Value Of Personas In Content Marketing

In marketing, your content should aim to get into the ‘mind’s eye’ of the reader; helping them visualize a problem, an object, event, or situation without the thing being present to the senses. Creating a believable, emotional, or fantastical image in the mind of the reader is what defines great literature. It’s also what can …

BLOG | Digital Marketing

4 Of The Best Experiential Marketing Experiences Of 2018

Experiential marketing allows brands to offer their customers memorable experiences, often through planned events with product samples. But these events aren’t just dinner and drinks. They’re interactive and they’re elaborate, offering experiences to attendees that are unique. Earlier in the year, prestigious British charity D&AD gave its first award for experiential marketing to FCB India. …


5 Ideas For Different Types Of SEO Content

When you hear people discussing ongoing SEO content, there’s a good chance they’re talking about blogs. In fact, blogging is such a fundamental part of inbound marketing best practice that, at this point, it’s scarcely worth disputing. There are plenty of good reasons for this, but the most important is SEO. Google likes websites that …

BLOG | Content Marketing

Why Is It So Important To Write A Good Brief?

These days, an incredible amount of content is available on the internet and an increasingly dwindling amount of that is written in-house. Not enough SMEs out there have the available skills and internal resources to write professional copy, and generally it’s more valuable for their employees to focus on other, high value tasks. It’s for …

BLOG | Web Design

5 Features Of Well Designed B2B Websites

It’s 2018: every company has a website and there’s more marketing material on the internet than one person could ever read – even if they wanted to. Businesses that want their website to gain attention and generate leads must work harder than ever to get potential customers on their site and keep them around once …

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