Vu Online

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A digital marketing agency delivering positive change for organisations and small businesses. We prioritise good work, people, sustainable business and environment.

UK HQ: Exeter
2-10 Employees


We work mostly with small businesses but carry a portfolio of nonprofit, charity, SME and agency partners. With each sector, needs and priorities can vary but we’d like you to feel confident we understand what’s important to you.

Our business is independently owned and operated as a small business with no hidden shareholders, significant debt or skeletons in the cupboard. We uphold our employee’s rights, pay our tax and have a simple values driven culture.

Our services are solely focussed on the digital experience. For you, it’s the experience of working with a digital partner. For your customers, it’s the experience of dealing with your business whether it be an ecom purchase, understanding your service offering or deciding to follow a compelling piece of digital advertising.

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