Sebo Marketing

Verified Agency

Sebo’s employees are Google experts. We help clients grow their business through Google SEO, Google Ads and Google Maps (GMB).

Agency Employees: 11-50


Sebo has been doing SEO and PPC since 2005. We believe in becoming a true partner with its clients. This means complete transparency & trust to determine business goals, the plan to reach them, and the reporting of real ROI metrics and if those goals are being reached.

This also means we encourage clients to ask questions and will teach clients as much as they wish to learn. We believe in always being straight & direct with clients about everything, be there good news, bad news or opinions. We always want the client to know what’s going on, and we always want the client to feel like they can reach us.

Every client has a dedicated manager that knows you, your business, your concerns & goals, all on a personal level.

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