Rusty Monkey

Verified Agency

A full service creative agency that works with organisations to develop their branding, e-commerce and marketing.

UK HQ: Nottingham
11-50 Employees


We are an agency born out of friendships, a group of misfits that wanted to have some influence and freedom and couldn’t find happiness working for other people.

We didn’t believe in treating people as cogs in a machine. We didn’t feel valued in deep hierarchical management structures. We rejected dictatorial authority. We were (relatively) poor, living in a small market town without many opportunities.

All of this led to us coming together to create a space where we could be our authentic selves and try to drive our own destiny.

We have made mistakes and our journey has been long and steady. We see this as a gift to help us be better, care more, understand ourselves and find a sense of purpose.

We believe in partnerships, in collaboration, in friendships, in kindness.

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