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We have web design frameworks and a deep understanding of social media management strategies specific to the MENA market.

MENA HQ: Dubai
2-10 Employees


Our journey in software development started in 2001 under the leadership of our CEO, Wojciech Adam Sramkiewicz, driven by passion and innovation. In the early years, we focused on refining our skills and delivering top-notch solutions that surpassed expectations, establishing ourselves as trusted partners in our clients’ digital journeys.

Today, we proudly stand as innovators with a worldwide footprint, serving diverse industries.

Guided by Wojciech Adam Sramkiewic’s vision, we have embraced change, evolving from a modest beginning to leading the charge in the digital era. Reflecting on our story, we remain dedicated to pushing boundaries and propelling our clients to new heights, continuing to shape the future of software development through ongoing innovation.

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