January Third

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January Third is a modern, senior Creative Agency. We are fiercely independent, partnering only with brands we believe in.


This January is an independent creative agency built for next year. We create culturally relevant stories that resonate with real people across modern mediums — from OOH to TikTok.

We grew up in the world of big, holding-company-owned advertising agencies. Places with offices in most time zones. Shops where a twenty-five-person meeting was most meetings.

From the outside, there was a lot to admire about those agencies. The offices looked like you would imagine. There were grand, imposing conference rooms. There were encouraging murals on every floor.

On the inside, though, the toll of the last three decades was unmistakable. By the time we arrived, every big three or four letter agency was owned by something still bigger — something far, far away. CPAs wandered the halls with grim expressions.

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