Fat Fish Marketing

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Fat Fish Marketing is an SEO & eCommerce digital agency. We provides search engine optimisation, web development, conversion optimisation, UX Design and Team Consulting.

UK HQ: London
2-10 Employees


We have seen and manage:

-Over €10 million p/m in private business ecommerce sales.
-Over $1 billlion market cap growth of client businesses.
-Over $50 million raised as our client’s digital team.
-Over 50 years of combined digital experience in our experienced management team.

We have been through the tests of times on numerous projects each time improving ourselves and our perspectives on the ever changing landscape of digital.

Over 30% of sales are now online and that number is growing. Making sure that you succeed online and to execute successfully with your digital asset requires an agile, fast pace approach that sets processes in place to allow your business to scale. Be assured if we see opportunity and believe in your vision we take your success just as seriously as ours.

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