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Performance marketing agency built for tech companies. Crush your revenue goals every time with our proprietary Customer Generation methodology.

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The world’s largest tech brands trust the global team at Directive Consulting to bring their performance marketing campaign results to life. Directive’s proven Customer Generation methodology has generated $1B in revenue for clients in the last 10 years by blending best-in-class campaigns across Paid Media, SEO, Design, Strategy, RevOps, and Video. It’s time for tech companies to stop guessing about marketing ROI and start predicting sales revenue with industry-leading financial modeling. Build a winning game plan with Directive today.

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Overall Ratings 50-100 Reviews
Specialized Marketing for Tech Companies
Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services

Directive Consulting stands out for its tailored approach to serving tech companies, offering a suite of services including Paid Media, SEO, Design, Lifecycle Marketing, and Video. Their Customer Generation methodology has proven effective, generating significant revenue for clients by focusing on attracting the right customers and driving sales.

Strategic PPC and SEO Campaigns

Directive's expertise in PPC and SEO is particularly noted for its effectiveness in improving lead generation and online visibility. Their strategic use of advertising channels like LinkedIn, alongside innovative lead lifecycle strategies, has led to steady year-over-year increases in lead generation for their clients.

Collaborative Approach and Client Partnership
Partner-Like Engagement

Clients appreciate Directive's commitment to functioning as a true partner rather than just a service provider. This is highlighted by their investment in clients' strategies and their adaptability to communication preferences, such as using Slack for project discussions.

Expertise and Strategic Insight

Directive's team is praised for their deep understanding of the tech industry's unique challenges and opportunities. Their ability to deliver timely results and provide sales opportunities through new marketing channels demonstrates their strategic insight and commitment to client success.

Results-Driven Performance and Innovation
Significant Lead Generation and SEO Success

Directive has been instrumental in achieving notable successes in lead generation and SEO for tech companies. Their efforts have not only improved clients' Google rankings but also substantially increased organic traffic and website conversions.

Adaptability and Custom Solutions

The agency's adaptability and willingness to customize their services to meet specific client needs stand out. Whether through SEO, SEM, or PPC, Directive crafts strategies that align with clients' goals, leading to improved cost-per-lead (CPL) and market share.

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