Ceemi Agency

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At Ceemi Agency, we provide comprehensive marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

USA HQ: Los Angeles
11-50 Employees


The concept behind Ceemi Agency is simple; offer businesses access to quality digital marketing services that don’t break the bank. There is no shortage of expensive agencies. Many agencies will use fancy lingo to justify their outrageous prices. You’ll find agencies telling you they can “optimize” your accounts to yield “greater ROI” through “optimization.” What does this even mean? That is exactly the point, use big words and attach an even bigger price tag to it. The reality is Digital Marketing, if managed appropriately, doesn’t need to be expensive and shouldn’t sound like a foreign language. With over 300 years combined experience, we don’t use bad techniques or cut corners. We take your business personally; so much that we even stop billing if we don’t reach the goals laid out.

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