A Campaign that Reconnects You with What Really Matters

Founded in 1928, Century Batteries has grown to become the undisputed market leader in the Australian/New Zealand automotive battery market. Supplying more than 1.5 million batteries every year the iconic brand produces recognisable and reliable products to Australians and New Zealanders alike across a wide range of applications.

Switch off, Hit Refresh and Reconnect with What Matters

After Covid kept us indoors, locked down, and with borders closed for the better part of two years, Viabrand® was tasked with the challenge of creating a campaign to reinvigorate the idea of getting outside and reconnecting with the things we love to do – exploring the great outdoors, getting out on the water, camping and connecting with family and friends.

The recreational campaign for Century Batteries focused on a full broadcast offering campaign that would be rolled out across a wide range of media throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Supporting an Immersive Campaign

Taking the brief of creating a campaign to inspire a renewed love of getting out and about, Viabrand® created a range of deliverables for the national campaign across Australia and New Zealand, including:

  • Creative Direction and Script Writing
  • Broadcast Video On Demand Production (Digital TV)
  • Radio Ad Campaign
  • Print & Digital Collateral
  • Social Media Ad Campaign

True Success in Collaboration

Viabrand® carefully managed each aspect of the immersive campaign in collaboration with our trusted and quality production partners providing:

  • Consultation throughout every stage of the project.
  • Planning and in-depth analysis of project requirements.
  • Script writing for 6”, 15”, and 30” clips to suit a range of media including social media and television.
  • Talent sourcing and casting.
  • Arrangement of lighting, sound and visual props to suit the client’s vision.
  • Video production and sound engineering to meet multiple media specifications.
  • Art direction across the entirety of the project.

Already successful with the client, the campaign hit the mark in creating brand recognition, brand connection (and reconnection), and feel-good ads we all needed after a difficult few years.

About Viabrand

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