8 Reasons Why Events Are Important For Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Times are changing and it seems like all the industries are plagued by new trends that reshape the game. For every ambitious entrepreneur, those trends are clear signs that the business needs to readjust and change in order to become better.

Event marketing is on the rise and in order for a business to be successful nowadays, you have to have a good marketing strategy. An integral part of your marketing strategy needs to be event marketing. Why? Here are 8 really good reasons:

1. Cutting through the clutter

Events provide an opportunity for you to cut through clutter. Consumers today have so many options when looking for a specific product and making them yours isn’t an easy task.

Thanks to events, you can have face-to-face discussions with your potential customers which helps you to establish more personal and intimate relationships. And remember that this is something that digital marketing cannot do.

2. Creating brand awareness

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Your business has the brand to promote its products. So, a clearly defined, well-known brand is something every ambitious business needs to have. And yes, it is essential to be present online but do know that using technology to get your business recognized out there isn’t the only way.

Events serve as good opportunities for maximizing your potential to connect with your audience. Offer them a more immersive and personalized experience through events.

3. Sales

Every business needs to make sales in order to thrive. And marketing is there to promote your products/services with the aim of selling them. Well, events will do that even if your company is B2C or B2B oriented. Know that being there in person gives you a chance to earn respect and present yourself as a down-to-earth person, just like your customers are.

This really impacts the conversion rates, people can ask you about what you’re offering right there and then. Just remember to educate your staff at the event. That needs to be a part of your event marketing strategy. That’s how you can close more deals.


4. Lead generation

So what if a prospect doesn’t convert immediately? You should know that there is a chance for that later. But do not forget to add your prospect (a lead) to your database. That way your prospect becomes a lead who you can nurture through the sales process. And all B2B marketers should know how true this is.

Events are great for lead generations since you can get the needed information of your prospects at your booth. A person enters a competition organized at your event/booth and needs to leave an e-mail address. There you go, that can be a lead. Use that info to build relationships that lead to future sales.

5. Get them to love you

Hosting an awesome event is a good way to get people to like you. It’s all about the experience of your attendees, remember that. That’s how you work on brand affinity. You can make your events memorable or you can sponsor events for charities.

People will then associate your company with a good cause. You should also know that brand affinity closely relates to loyalty. And when you have your loyal customers, you have a safe and firm base for your business.

6. Infiltrate the audience

This sounds weird but you’ll get what it means. Ensure that your team is there during your events to hear what people are talking about. Since your guests are all from your industry, you can gather intelligence on the newest stuff that may help you get ahead of your rivals.

Events often serve as announcements, new product launches, etc. So, you have to make sure that you have your guys present both at yours and at other events. Knowing what your rivals have in mind and plan enables you to tailor a marketing strategy that’s a clear response to their actions. Stay ahead by gathering the intel.

If you are keen to discover top digital events near you and get inspired by them, Digital Agency Network has a great directory page where you can select a region and category to find various events.


7. Networking opportunity

Every event is a chance for people to network. Networking is a chance to make valuable connections with other people from your industry. In competitive markets, it is important to have partnerships with other companies in your field.

Leverage each other’s experiences and knowledge and build better solutions. That way you’ll ultimately provide your customers with more value.


8. Events aren’t expensive

Why would you not use the benefits of events when they are low-cost? As simple as that. When you don’t have to splash out on something that may be beneficial to you, isn’t that a good enough reason to do it?

Know that events come at a lower cost than showcasing something through traditional media.

Hopefully, you can now see how beneficial and important events are. Make them a part of your B2B marketing strategy. You won’t regret it.