motive-co-gives-online-shops-thousands-in-cash-to-fuel-growth Gives 8 Online Shops Thousands in Cash to Fuel Growth, a leading provider of privacy-minded ecommerce search, has announced the eight winners of its Motive Grant Giveaway, giving away tens of thousands of euros to SMEs and independent retailers to fund their growth and development.

After reviewing the applications from shops across Europe, selected a diverse group of businesses that proposed creative and impactful plans to use the funding from the grant. The winners will receive grants ranging from €2,000 to €5,000 totalling €30,000 to invest in a variety of growth initiatives, including:

  • Enhancing brand presentation through content creation and strategic collaborations
  • Restructuring websites and optimising SEO to improve online visibility
  • Implementing innovative customer loyalty programs that drive repeat business
  • Experimenting with unique “edible advertising” campaigns to attract new customers
  • Upgrading product packaging to maintain momentum in the market
  • Improving website user experiences to provide more seamless online shopping
  • Building online training platforms to upskill technicians and diversify revenue streams
  • “The Motive Grant Giveaway has showcased the incredible creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of SMEs in the online retail space,” said Angel Maldonado, founder of “We’re thrilled to support these eight businesses as they bring their ambitious growth plans to life. Their diverse range of ideas demonstrates the many ways that retailers can invest in their future success.”

    A commitment to supporting local commerce

    The idea for the Motive Grant stemmed from the company’s commitment to supporting local commerce and its belief that SMEs are the backbone of thriving communities. Motive recognizes that while every business knows exactly what they need to do to grow, sometimes the budget just isn’t there to make an idea a reality or take a risk.

    Privacy is also a core value at Motive, not just in the company’s products but in everything it does, including marketing. While competitors invest heavily in traditional advertising channels like Meta and Google, Motive decided to take a different approach. The company believes that the profiling and tracking used to display these types of ads is invasive, while the giant corporations that sell this ad space don’t need the money. Instead, Motive thought it would make more sense to give that money directly to the shop owners who need it most.

    The eight winners of the Motive Grant are:

    1. Asun Oliver (€2,000) – Investing in photography, video, and studio equipment to enhance product presentation
    2. TT Revlis (€2,000) – Enhancing brand presentation through content creation and strategic collaborations
    3. Fuika Omar (€4,000) – Restructuring website and optimising SEO to increase online visibility
    4. Ibericomio (€4,000) – Implementing an innovative customer loyalty program to drive repeat business
    5. Lavolio (€4,000) – Experimenting with “edible advertising” to attract new customers
    6. 100 Foods Baby (€4,000) – Improving product packaging to maintain momentum in the market
    7. Barbecue World (€5,000) – Enhancing the user experience on their website to provide a more seamless online shopping experience
    8. Europa3G (€5,000) – Building an online course platform to upskill technicians and diversify revenue streams

    Motive is excited to follow the progress of these businesses as they bring their plans to life with the support of the Motive Grant. The company believes that by directly funding the growth initiatives of these SMEs, it can make a meaningful impact on the local commerce ecosystem and inspire others to support the entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses.

    For more information about the Motive Grant Giveaway and the winning businesses, visit

    About is a leading provider of privacy-focused ecommerce search solutions, helping small and medium-sized businesses deliver exceptional online shopping experiences while prioritising customer privacy. The company is committed to supporting the growth and development of local commerce through initiatives like the Motive Grant Giveaway.