LOOP Partnered With Grundig to Reposition the Brand on a Global Level

LOOP collaborated with Grundig to reposition the brand on a global level with a completely new digital approach, including everything from art direction to content, from web to social media.

The result was a fresh step into the existing market for the brand to increase value and raise image.


Through the research concept phase, a new art direction came to life for the brand, focusing on impressive hero images with sleek interactions and accessible information. The achievement was a look and feel that truly matched the product design and quality of Grundig.

Social Approach

With a new reposition, a solid social media undertaking is vital for engagement and reaching a wide target audience. Working together with fresh content, community management and dynamic brand roll-outs happened on a large scale across many countries based on brand ideals. Through storytelling and beautiful videos and photos, Grundig managed to solidify their place in the digital sphere.

In-House Content

Homes are built around kitchens. This fact is at the core of the new content approach that LOOP worked on with Grundig. Stunning design and functional beauty were the story. Their in-house photo and video teams worked on productions ranging from capturing recipes shot in a local kitchen to large-scale event activations for the brand, in order to fulfill multi-channel needs, including the new website.

About LOOP

LOOP is a fully charged digital powerhouse that explores the intersections between design, digital technology and content marketing for leading brands.

At LOOP they do more than the expected. Their work starts with a strategy designed to bring all brand initiatives, channels and activities together in a way that thrives. Their process is based on a collaborative client approach. Contemporary brand communication should be something that people really want to be part of. Activating your audience, that is what they’re here for.